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AI-powered Revenue Accounting Software

Track, collect, and optimize every penny you earn with automated revenue accounting software.
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The RevFlow advantage

AI-powered precision

Gain valuable revenue insight and eliminate human and merchant processor errors by automating merchant processor reconciliation.

Close your books daily

Close your books faster with AI-powered revenue reconciliation and accounting. Account for every penny earned while achieving financial accuracy.

Proactive revenue tracking

Avoid revenue loss. With various daily revenue reports, you can easily uncover owed, missing, or stolen revenue to take proactive measures.

Get actionable insights

Make faster data-driven decisions for your business by getting real-time visibility into your daily earnings.

Eliminate the manual work

Docyt AI pulls your data from your POS and automatically performs revenue accounting, so you don't have to.

Revenue reconciliation & accounting solutions

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Automated Revenue Accounting

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Merchant Processor Reconciliation

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Reconcile daily revenue without any manual work

Docyt AI automatically pulls your daily transactions from your revenue system, reconciles them to your automatic bank feed, and syncs with your General Ledger without you lifting a finger.

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Merchant processor reconciliation automated

Whether you accept cash, American Express, Chase, Square, or other forms of payment, you can keep your merchant deposits in check. Docyt AI tracks each merchant processor account separately for more accurate reconciliation and virtually eliminates missing revenue.

Seamlessly integrate your revenue systems

Docyt AI connects to 30+ POS/PMS systems spanning diverse industries.

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Get actionable insights with daily revenue reporting

Access daily revenue reports, A/R reports, and other reporting options to view single or multiple revenue streams. Comprehensive insights into your earnings let you proactively recover missing revenue and quickly pivot decision-making when necessary.

Say goodbye to manual accounting

Let Docyt AI take on the repetitive tedious work so you can focus on growing your business.

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Get the full picture of how your business is performing

Track other key metrics that matter to your business. Docyt AI also pulls in non-financial data from your business systems. Easily report on KPIs and industry metrics like RevPAR, ADR, Occupancy Percentage, and more across various industries.

Scale your multi-location business with revenue reporting

Whether you have one business or many, Docyt AI easily scales with your business. Get individual revenue reports for each business or a consolidated report of all businesses to easily compare and take necessary action.

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RevFlow is Docyt’s sophisticated AI-powered revenue accounting solution designed to optimize and automate every aspect of your revenue cycle management.

Unlike traditional software, RevFlow combines AI-powered precision, integrations with 30+ industry-specific platforms, and continuous reconciliation capabilities. It goes beyond mere bookkeeping by providing actionable economic insights and point-of-sale data interpretations.

Unit economics insights refer to the deep analysis of key business metrics to reveal the financial health and profitability of specific units within your business. With RevFlow, you see your revenue numbers and understand the narratives behind them to drive growth.

RevFlow lets you track your customers and unpaid receivables. When a payment is received, our AI-powered system automatically reconciles the transaction and records it in the General Ledger, ensuring your financials remain current and accurate.

Absolutely! With features like theft detection powered by AI and meticulous deposit tracking, RevFlow can safeguard your revenue, identify discrepancies, and ensure every deposit made by your merchant payment processors is cross-verified.

RevFlow supports over 30 point-of-sale (POS) and revenue system integrations, catering to a wide array of industry verticals. This broad spectrum of integration possibilities ensures that Docyt AI can seamlessly fit into and enhance your existing financial ecosystem.
Yes! With RevFlow, you can track daily Point-of-Sale (POS) revenue and, more importantly, generate powerful unit economic insights, which will empower you to make informed business growth decisions.

See Docyt AI in action

Increase your profitability with real-time accounting and intelligence.

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