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Expense Management Automation Software

One software to manage spend, close your books daily, and automate your expense management hassles.

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The ExpenseFlow advantage

Manage expenses in one place

Save time, reduce technology costs, streamline workflows, manage communication, and collaborate all in one platform.

Eliminate manual work

Docyt AI handles repetitive tasks like data entry, expense tracking, categorization, and reconciliation so you can focus on your business.

Automate vendor compliance

Integrated 1099 tax compliance and seamless syncing with accounting platforms.

Easily put controls in place

Assign approvers, define spending limits, set transaction thresholds, and eliminate wasteful expenses or fraudulent activity.

Reduce costs with real-time insights

Automate transaction matching, categorization, and continuous reconciliation to access live expense reporting and insights.

Expense management solutions

Stay on top of your bill payments

Pay your bills from anywhere, anytime, without the hassle of manual data entry. Docyt AI streamlines the bill pay process from invoice to reconciliation for guaranteed accuracy and efficiency.
Stay On Top Of Your Bill Payments
Automated Corporate Credit Card Management

Automated corporate credit card management

Eliminate credit card receipt chasing and processing. Your employees can easily upload their receipts to the Docyt AI platform. The system automatically matches them with your credit card statements and syncs the data with your ledger, making reconciliation a breeze.

Say goodbye to manual accounting

Let Docyt AI take on the repetitive tedious work so you can focus on growing your business.

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Apple App Store 4.6/5


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Hassle-free expense reports and reimbursements

Eliminate traditional expense reports. Quickly collect receipts from your employees by letting them snap a pic with the Docyt mobile app or send them by email. Docyt AI automatically reviews and reconciles the receipt with the expense and notifies you when it’s ready to pay.
Hassle Free Expense Reports 
and Reimbursements
Stop Chasing Down Paper Receipts

Stop chasing down paper receipts

Turn hours of collecting and processing paper receipts into minutes. Your employees can easily take a photo of a receipt on their phone or send it by email. Docyt AI handles the rest, from digitizing and extracting key data to auto-categorizing and entering it into your ledger.

Automate vendor compliance and tax reporting

Automate 1099 tax filing at year-end for vendors and contractors. Docyt AI automatically collects your vendors’ W9 information so you can easily export 1099 information at year’s end.

Automate Vendor Compliance And Tax Reporting

Why users love Docyt AI

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"Docyt AI is powerful for streamlining expense management and bank reconciliation. It’s given back so much time to my team members."

Dennis Cromwell

Franchise Owner, The UPS Store | Owner & President, East River Expedite, Inc.
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"Docyt AI is powerful for streamlining expense management and bank reconciliation. It’s given back so much time to my team members."

Dennis Cromwell

Owner & President, East River Expedite, Inc.
Franchise Owner, The UPS Store
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ExpenseFlow is a comprehensive expense management solution powered by Docyt AI. It offers features like bill pay, real-time reconciliations, ACH or check reimbursements, and end-to-end expense solutions. It simplifies and streamlines your expense process, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

The ExpenseFlow Bill Pay feature changes the way businesses manage their expenses. It efficiently allocates costs, uses advanced AI for data extraction and coding, identifies duplicates, and offers a robust approval process. It also offers integrated direct ACH/check payment options and 1099 tax compliance, making payments seamless and efficient.
ExpenseFlow enhances corporate credit card management by seamlessly handling virtual and physical credit cards. It uses AI algorithms to verify high-value transactions, ensuring transparency and control. Real-time reconciliation and instant General Ledger updates simplify credit card management and expense tracking.
ExpenseFlow’s expense reporting module simplifies the reimbursement process. It allows employees to submit, manage, and receive reimbursements directly through the mobile app, and administrators can assign intuitive names to accounting categories. This streamlines the entire receipt submission and reimbursement process.
ExpenseFlow’s Receipt Capture technology identifies credit card information from receipts, extracts sensitive data, and integrates it into the general ledger. It automatically matches each receipt with its credit card and integrates seamlessly with accounting systems like Quickbooks. This feature ensures accurate and efficient management of receipts.

See Docyt AI in action

Increase your profitability with real-time accounting and intelligence.

Capterra 4.6/5


Apple App Store 4.6/5


G2 4.9/5

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