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Automated Merchant Payment Reconciliation

Prevent revenue loss due to merchant processor errors by accurately tracking your revenue. Docyt seamlessly connects with all revenue systems, simplifying the process of reconciling your merchant deposits with your daily earnings.
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Automated Revenue Accounting

Automated Payment Reconciliation

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Automated payment reconciliation

Save time and accurately track every penny earned, no matter where the revenue is collected. Whatever payment method you accept—Amex, Mastercard, Visa, banks, and even cash/check/EFT collections—Docyt AI tracks each merchant processor account separately and can automatically and accurately reconcile this so you don’t have to. 

automated reconciliation with any merchant payment processor
Docyt Is Perfect For Franchise And Multi Entity Businesses.

Connect your revenue systems

Docyt connects with 40+ Point of Sales (POS) and revenue systems. We make it easy to connect and pull in data from other sources, so you can view all your data accurately in one centralized location.

Docyt is perfect for franchise or multi-entity businesses

Complex multi-entity accounting made easy. Run multi-entity operations from one centralized accounting software platform.

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Easily uncover merchant deposit discrepancies

Docyt’s revenue reconciliation dashboard view provides a one-to-one comparative view of your revenue earned from different payment processors against bank deposits, making it easy to uncover and address any merchant processor mistakes.


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Get revenue insights emailed to your inbox daily. Always stay informed about business revenue performance, whether you’re comparing businesses or looking at your overall portfolio. 


Merchant account reconciliation is a process that involves verifying that your sales are accurately reflected in your merchant statements, ensuring the correct funds are in your bank account, and confirming that your daily transaction activity is reported accurately. This reconciliation is crucial for ensuring accuracy in accounting and financial reporting.

Reconciling merchant deposits is a complex and time-consuming process if done manually. Docyt automates this process using artificial intelligence. Docyt connects to 30+ revenue systems and 12,000+ financial institutions, making it easy to pull in your revenue and financial data into Docyt in real-time. Docyt applies AI, called Docyt AI, to track each merchant processor account separately. The AI will reconcile your daily merchant deposits with your earnings and provide a report on discrepancies.

Docyt connects with 30+ revenue systems, Learn more. If you’re not seeing you’re revenue system listed? Don’t worry, were always adding more. Contact us to let us know what system you’re using. 

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