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Docyt is your all-in-one app. Employees scan receipts on their phone. Business owners generate a payment. Docyt automatically updates your accounting software with the expense report and receipts.

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Docyt Expense Reports

How Expense Reports Works

Docyt is an all-in-one solution for expense tracking, reimbursement, and reporting.

Scan step in Expense Reports workflow


Employees use Docyt mobile app to scan receipts.

Extract step in Expense Reports workflow


Docyt uses Machine Learning to identify and extract data.

Reimburse step in Expense Reports workflow


Employee reviews and submits expenses. Business Owner generates a payment.

Update step in Expense Reports workflow


Docyt attaches expense reports and receipts to accounting software.

Monitor step in Expense Reports workflow


Docyt AI provides real-time expense reporting and insights.

Docyt Expense Reports

Docyt Expense Reports user interface

Docyt Expense Reports Features

AI data extraction feature

AI Data Extraction

It's unlimited, for all pricing plans.

Machine learning feature

Machine Learning

Provides greater accuracy than older OCR technology.

Duplicate detection feature

Duplicate Detection

Docyt alerts you of duplicates.

Clean Ledger feature

Clean Ledger

You approve receipts before they are attached to your accounting software, preventing duplicates.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Scan receipts and generate payments from your phone.

ACH feature


Pay electronically for faster reimbursement.

Audit protection feature

Audit Protection

Summary PDF, including expense report and receipts, auto synced to accounting software.

Integrated platform

Integrated Platform

Scan receipts and reimburse. Docyt autosyncs accounting software and provides real-time metrics.

Search feature


Find any receipt or payment via keywords.

Vendors feature


Track spending by employee.

Chat feature


Ask questions about expense reports. Search past conversations.

Document storage feature

Document Storage

Unlimited, encrypted document storage.

Rewards card

Keep Your Favorite Rewards Card

Use your credit cards and employee cards from your favorite financial institution and maximize your points or cash back.

Docyt supports all credit cards allowing you to keep your rewards while improving your employee reimbursement experience.

Drill Down On Expenses

With Docyt, you no longer need to bounce between expense management software and your accounting software to gain visibility into your spending.

Docyt autosyncs detailed expense data and documentation to your accounting software. Which means you can see your P&L and then drill down by each chart of account to see an expense report and individual receipts. Save time by getting all questions answered in one place.

Drill down on expenses
Multi entity expense reports

Multi-Entity Expense Management

Whether you have one business entity or many, Docyt makes it easy to manage employee expenses.

Inter entity expense split

Inter-Entity Expense Splits

An employee can submit one expense report for multiple business locations. Docyt will record the expense and liabilities in each business' respective balance sheet in the accounting software.

Multi entity payments

Multi-Entity Payments

An employee can be reimbursed for one expense report from multiple bank accounts.

Inter entity settlements

Inter-Entity Settlements

At the end of the month, quarter, or year, generate an ACH or Docyt check to transfer funds from the businesses who incurred the liability to the business who incurred the expense. Docyt will update each entity's balance sheets in the accounting software.

Real time metrics

Real-Time Metrics

Since Docyt is continuously reconciling your accounting software, you can see each entity’s expenses in real time.

Easy and Fast Reimbursement Makes Happy Employees

Our Plus and Advanced plans offer Expense Reports.

Fast and easy reimbursements

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