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Real-Time Financial Insights Dashboard

Get a snapshot of your business performance so you can make smarter and faster decisions to drive business growth.

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Monitor your business’s key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time

Our live insights dashboard is powered by real-time accounting through Docyt’s sophisticated AI that removes human gatekeeping in the financial data processing.

A single-view dashboard designed to give you better control of your business

Make smarter and faster decisions

Get a holistic picture and always have access to live data and insights to help you improve your business.

Save more time and money

Avoid wasting time pulling and reviewing multiple reports. Easily see what’s working and what isn’t.

Create data-driven Transparency

Control and share relevant KPIs and metrics with different departments and key stakeholders.

Drive business performance with an easy-to-understand dashboard of KPIs and metrics relevant to your industry

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Control dashboard access views

Fully control what metrics you want to share on the dashboard and with whom. Increase visibility into relevant KPIs to different stakeholders to create better alignment across your business.

Access real-time updates anytime

With Docyt's continuous reconciliation, real-time bookkeeping is made possible, ensuring you have access to live data and actionable insights. This empowers you to make smart decisions all the time.

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Customize your dashboard

Build as many dashboard views as you like. Select from a list of built-in KPIs and fully control which metrics you want to share across different levels of stakeholders.

See meaningful metrics that is specific to your industry

Track the KPIs and metrics that matters most to your business. Docyt provides a list of the most important KPIs for different industries. With the right KPIs, pinpoint business gaps, and opportunities for growth.

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Drill down into the details in a matter of clicks

Go from bird's eye view down to sea level in seconds to get more insight and context around a particular metric. The ability to drill-down quickly allows you to take immediate corrective action or identify any anamolies.

Get a dashboard view of your entire business portfolio

See your financial performance in real-time for multiple businesses on a single dashboard. Whether you want to see an aggregate view or a side-by-side comparison view, you can easily edit your dashboard view and quickly spot performance trends and patterns in the data.

Docyt Real-Time Portfolio KPI Dashboard

The support team at Docyt has been exceptional. They are responsive, experienced, and always ready to assist.

Mark Gose

CPA, Managing Partner at Gose, LLP 


This is only available for the following plans: Impact plan, Advanced plan, and Enterprise plan. Learn more about plans and pricing or talk to sales.

The live dashboard provides KPIs and financial metrics for these industries: Hospitality, UPS and QSR, and more!

Yes. Docyt is an AI-powered accounting automation platform. Our technology is designed to perform real-time accounting giving our customers access to real-time business data and insights to make better business decisions. 

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