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Corporate Credit Card Expense Management and Reconciliation

What if you never had to track down and manually match another paper receipt again?

How Does Docyt Do It?

Control Expenses With An Improved Employee Experience

Tired of chasing down paper receipts and spending countless hours matching them to credit card statements? With the snap of a pic, Docyt digitizes receipts on the spot and eliminates the burden of storing paper receipts. Your accounting team has immediate access to both digitized receipts and bank transactions making reconciliation a breeze.

Simplify Corporate Card Management with Smart Automated Tools

What Your Accounting Manager Needs to Do

Employee Expense Management

Setup and Manage Employee Credit Cards

Define spending limits for each company credit card to reduce the risk of over-spending. Docyt gives you visibility into both individual and overall employee spend.

Assign Roles and Set Permissions

Designate who is permitted to upload receipts and approve spending. This minimizes the risk of fraud and increases efficiency.

Manage Expenses Across all of Your Businesses

Verify transactions, split receipts across multiple entities, or accrue expenses with a few simple clicks. Access and manage receipts from all your businesses in one place from anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

What Your Team Needs to Do

Capture Receipts & Manage Spending Account

Digitize Receipts

Snap a picture of the receipt with Docyt’s handy mobile app. Or if you don’t have your phone, scan and email them to Docyt.

Teach Docyt How to Categorize

Categorize an expense and Docyt learns from you. Next time Docyt sees a transaction from the same vendor, it will automatically assign the same expense code. Want to change the expense category? No problem…Redo and Docyt will re-learn.

Manage Your Personal Docyt Account

Access your own personal Docyt account regularly to view credit card transactions, attached receipts, and see which transactions are missing receipts.

What Docyt Will Do

Automate Tedious Accounting Tasks

Categorizes Credit Card Transactions

Show Docyt how to categorize an expense and Docyt will automatically categorize similar transactions the same way.

Automates Reconciliation of Receipts to Credit Card Transactions

No more one by one credit card receipt reconciliation. After learning how to correctly reconcile receipts from you, Docyt ‘bulk matches’ receipts to bank transactions. Docyt also prompts you to find missing receipts and ask for approval following bulk reconciliation.

Sync Transactions to QuickBooks Online

Bank transactions and receipts are continuously matched and synced to Quickbooks Online. Because the ledger is continually updated, you can access your real-time P&L and balance sheet at any time.

Empower Employees

Reduce the burden of missing documentation and relieve employees of managing physical receipts with on-the-spot receipt capture. In Docyt, each employee has a personal account with full visibility into their personal spending habits.

Franchise Owners Who Use Docyt

Docyt Customers

"I chose Docyt to better organize and simplify our accounting and accounts payable systems. It has turned out to be a great choice and alleviated the stress and burden of those functions. I’ve enjoyed my relationships with the Docyt team and look forward to continuing to work with them."
Bhupen B. Amin
Lotus Hotels & Investments
"Docyt has made my interaction with my accountant more meaningful. Happy that I am finally spending more time improving my business rather than doing manual data entry or other frustrating back office work."
Tony Agosta
Partner, Agosta Insurance
Docyt AI