Receipt Capture:
Captured to Reconciled

With Docyt, scanning a receipt is just the starting point. Use Docyt’s receipt workflow to review and approve receipts. Then, Docyt autosyncs the receipt with its respective credit card transaction in your accounting software. That way, you’re always audit protected!

Whether you have one business or many, Docyt can automate your
end-to-end receipt workflow.

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Docyt Receipt Capture

How Receipt Capture Works

From your mobile phone to your accounting software, track receipts as
they move through your financial workflow.

Collect step in Receipt Capture workflow


Snap, email, scan, or upload your receipts.

Extract step in Receipt Capture workflow


Docyt uses Machine Learning to identify and extract data.

Approve step in Receipt Capture workflow


Review and approve receipts in Docyt Receipt Box.

Reconcile step in Receipt Capture workflow


Docyt autosyncs approved receipts to your accounting

Update step in Receipt Capture workflow


Balance sheet and P&L are automatically updated.

Docyt Receipt Box

Docyt Receipt Box user interface

Docyt Receipt Box Features

AI data extraction feature

AI Data Extraction

It's unlimited, for all pricing plans.

Machine learning feature

Machine Learning

Greater accuracy than older OCR technology.

Data security feature

Data Security

Receipt capture is by invitation only to mitigate fraud.

Duplicate detection feature

Duplicate Detection

Docyt alerts you of duplicate receipts.

Admin account feature

Admin Account

Owner/CFO/Controller can see total spend and spend by employee.

Employee credit card feature

Employee Credit Cards

Docyt AI identifies and displays each employee's receipts and credit card transactions in their Docyt.

Bank feeds feature

Bank Feeds

Receipts matched to credit card transactions and auto synced to accounting software.

Chat feature


Ask questions about receipts. Search past conversations.

Vendors feature


Track spending by vendor.

Search feature


Find any receipt via keywords.

Document storage feature

Document Storage

Unlimited, encrypted document storage.

CSV exports feature

CSV Exports

Export transactions. Follow up on missing receipts.

Employee Spend Management

Empower your employees while controlling your expenses.



See total spend by employee
with attached receipts.



Scan receipts, see transaction
history, identify missing receipts.



Track all vendors and
respective total spend.

Employee spend management
Receipt Box Employee Expenses Capabilities

Receipt Tracking for
Employee Credit Cards

No matter what corporate card your company uses, Docyt AI can identify each employee's credit card charges, match them to the receipts, and route them to their Docyt account.

Employees can shift from paper to digital receipts and manage their corporate spending in the palm of their hand with the Docyt mobile app.

Roles and Permissions

Mitigate fraud and maintain a clean accounting software ledger by designating who can scan and approve receipts.


Anyone invited into your Docyt can snap receipts using their smartphone. Authorized email IDs can scan and forward receipts via email.


Employees can only access receipts and transactions for their employee credit card.


The Approver reviews and approves each receipt.

Accounting Software

After approval, each receipt is automatically attached in your accounting software.

Receipt Box Roles and Permissions Capabilities
Receipt Box Multi Entity Capabilties

Multi-Entity Receipt Management

Easily manage expenses across all your business entities.

Inter-Entity Receipt Splits

Docyt will split the expenses across entities and update the balance sheet in each entity's accounting software.

Inter-Entity Settlements

At the end of the month, quarter, or year, transfer funds from the businesses who incurred the liability to the business who incurred the expense. Docyt will update each entity's balance sheets.

Continuous, Automated Reconciliation

Your accounting software is always up to date. As receipts get accepted, they are matched with the credit card transaction and synced with your accounting software.

Real-Time Financial Reports

Compare performance of each entity. Since Docyt is continuously reconciling your accounting software, your financial statements are updated in real time.

Franchise Owners Who Use Docyt

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Automate your accounting.