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Franchise owners using Docyt are associated with these brands.

Franchise owners using Docyt

Modern tools that remove operational complexity.

Income Accounting

Income accounting

Do you own a franchise, a Stripe-based business, or an e-commerce business? Use Docyt to capture, record, and reconcile your daily or monthly revenue, automatically.

Business Operations

Business operations

Tired of managing a high volume of paperwork and accounting complexity? Docyt uses artificial intelligence (AI) to digitize the back office and handle all journal entries, including accruals.

Financial metrics

Financial metrics

See your real-time income and expenses. Docyt’s intelligent automation is continuously updating your accounting ledger and financial statements. See financial metrics, for each business entity, from your smart phone.

Audit protection

Audit protection

Be compliant with the IRS and your franchise corporate agreements. Docyt is built with accounting best practices, so you are audit protected.

Why business owners choose Docyt

Why Docyt

Why growth-oriented business
owners choose Docyt.

1. Shift data management to AI and automation.

Work smarter. Stop the manual data entry, double data entry in different software, and manual data syncing between different apps and the accounting ledger.

2. Get everything done in one unified application.

Be efficient. Record revenue, capture receipts, pay bills, handle expenses, manage documents, and chat with your team – all within Docyt.

3. See real-time financial and operational metrics.

Make faster decisions. Since Docyt aggregates and automates all your financial data and workflows, you can access a continuously updated P&L and balance sheet for each business.

Docyt Customer

Is Docyt right for you?

Business owners who use Docyt have

  • Growing revenue
  • A high volume of monthly transactions
  • Complex journal entries like refunds, discounts, commissions, advanced accruals
  • Multiple businesses or franchise locations
  • A team who handles daily operations

Their leadership style includes being

  • On the go. They appreciate and use Docyt’s full-featured mobile app.
  • Hands on. They want access to real-time financial data and back office workflows.

Income Accounting

Docyt Automates Income Accounting

Revenue Report Automation

Docyt retrieves daily revenue data, and continuously updates the ledger.


Integrations with 20+ POS systems.

Merchant Processor Tracking

Compare merchant processor deposits to bank deposits to uncover discrepancies.

Cash Deposit Tracking

Track cash deposits against collected amounts to find discrepancies.

Register Closing Process

Give employees access to your Docyt to validate daily revenue during closing process.

Inter-Company Transfers

One business low on capital? Keep track of inter-entity cash transfers.

Docyt Automates Income Accounting
Automate Expense Accounting

Expense Accounting

Docyt Automates Expense Accounting

Bill Pay

You keep the float! Make payments using Docyt’s mobile or web apps.

Spend Control

Manage employee credit cards and track big expenses.

Receipt Collection

Scan unlimited receipts. Data extraction powers accounting automation.

Expense Reports

An affordable employee
reimbursement solution with a
modern mobile app.


Docyt Automates Ledger Reconciliation

Outgrowing QuickBooks®?

Docyt is an intelligent accounting automation system that extends the life of your QuickBooks.

Standardized Accounting

Docyt Autopilot learns each industry and standardizes the chart of accounts.


Artificial intelligence (AI) auto categorizes and auto reconciles your bank transactions and documents.

Journal Entry Automation

Docyt handles all debits and credits including complex entries like advanced accruals and advanced balance sheet settlements.

No Manual Rules

Use Docyt and the AI learns from you. No more creating and managing bank rules.

You’re In Control

You can review and edit transactions handled by Autopilot. It relearns instantly.

Include Your Tax Accountant

Invite your tax accountant into your Docyt. Give them real-time visibility of your financial data.

Docyt automates ledger reconciliation
Docyt automates financial statement generation

Financial Reports

Docyt Automates Financial Statement Generation

Real-Time Reporting

Docyt continuously syncs with QuickBooks Online®. Your P&L and balance sheet are real-time.

Department-Level Reporting

Do you have departments? Docyt provides department-level P&L.

Module Specific Reporting

Every Docyt module has reports. For example, Accounts Payable has check payment and vendor reports.

Business Metrics and KPIs

Add and track custom metrics for your industry and business.

Multi-Entity Reporting

Get comparison and aggregate reports for multiple business entities or locations.

Access Control for Reports

Empower your team. Give them access to specific financial reports.

Modern Digital Tools

Mobile Experience

Run your business with modern digital tools.

Mobile App

Our full-featured mobile app frees you from your physical back office. Approve invoices, make payments, and answer questions - all from your smart phone.

Document Scan

Your employees can scan receipts and invoices and submit expenses from their smart phones. This speeds up document collection and audit protects your business.

Secure Data Vault

All data and documents are secure and encrypted. Small businesses are a target for hackers. Docyt provides critical security protocols and peace of mind.

Real-Time KPIs

Docyt gives business owners greater control. See real-time income, expenses, P&L, and balance sheet, so you can make informed decisions quickly.

“Before Docyt, I struggled to understand what was going on in our business, as did our accountants. With Docyt, I am seeing things so much faster and better.”

Alex BartheThe UPS Store®

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Connect your accounting software.

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