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Fallen behind on your business taxes and bookkeeping?

We understand things happen.

No matter how far back your books have fallen behind, let our team of experts help you get your financials back on track.

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Take back control of your books

It can feel like a never-ending horror story once your books fall behind and the past starts creeping up when a major event happens that requires you to finally face your messy books.

Clean books can accelerate and help you in the following business scenarios:


File business taxes


Get a loan

Buy A Business

Buy or sell a business


Prepare for shareholders

Our best-in-class bookkeeping experts can support businesses across all major industries

This isn’t our first rodeo, so you’re in good hands.

Make catch-up bookkeeping a thing of the past

Get real-time accounting with Docyt’s AI-powered accounting platform so your financial information is always accurate and up-to-date. Automate your way to profitability with on-demand access into your businesses’ financial health. Become more proactive than reactive.

How Docyt works

Step 1

Send your documents


Step 2

Easily connect bank feed

Step 3

Answer a few questions

Step 3

Enjoy your clean books


Pricing made simple. $200 per month of catch-up.

The last month of when taxes have been filed (last filing tax date) or the last month up to which your books have been reconciled in your accounting system because we will need the ending balance from your balance sheet from that point onwards.

Docyt will do your catch-up from the date up to which federal tax returns have been filed, or from the point up to which your bank account has been reconciled. This will maintain an accurate balance sheet.

Yes, we support our clients as far back as they need to go. 

Talk to one of our experts today. We’ll work with you and come up with a game plan in making sure you hit your deadline.

Docyt supports multi-entity businesses. Each business or location would need its own Docyt subscription at whatever level is right for that business.

Docyt is SOC2 Type II compliant. Read more about our data security and compliance here.

AI-powered bookkeeping

Automate your way to profit using Docyt's real-time accounting platform.

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