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all day, everydayIdeal for Individuals, Large and Distributed Families,
Employees or Contractors of an Organization.


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  • Add Unlimited Businesses
  • Add Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • 25 Pages free. Add up to 1000 Pages for $4.99/month

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tailored to your needsIdeal for Business owners who want to
be completely hands-off with 100% back-office automation.


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  • All Free plan¬†features, plus:
  • Add unlimited Business Partners & Staff
  • Multi-entity Financial Reports
  • Shared Inbox between Business Partners
  • AI-Powered Receipt Manager
  • AI-Powered Accounts Payable
  • AI-Powered Expense Manager
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Expert Account Manager – included
  • Quickbooks Account – included
  • Employee Training – included
  • Tax Accountant – optional
  • Assisted Payroll Service
  • Premium Onboarding and Support
  • 10 Free Check Payments Each Month
  • Unlimited Pages

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Are employees required to be on paid plans?

No. Only business owners need to be on paid plans. They can add unlimited employees. Any business documents scanned and uploaded by an employee for a business will not count towards their personal quota.

Why do you charge money?

Docyt is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their back offices. We do a lot of R&D in Artificial Intelligence, Data Security, and Quality Assurance. We have dedicated engineers, designers, and customer success team, working on providing the best security & experience for our customers. All this infrastructure and world-class talent costs money. You basically get what you pay for.

Are these the only plans?

We do offer monthly billing for our paid plans, at about 25% more cost. If you are interested in those, please send a message to our support team, from inside the mobile app’s support area. We are also always working on exciting new features, and may release them either as part of existing plans, or new ones.

Are there any discounts?

We have amazing referral incentives coming up. Stay tuned for that. Discounts may also be offered during specific promotional periods. We also partner with many service providers, who may offer Docyt subscription at a discount. If you have a need for large volume of subscriptions, please contact us.

When will my account be activated?

Individual accounts are active as soon as you sign up. Business plans may require some on-boarding depending on the complexity of your business and needs. Schedule a call with us to tell us about your unique needs.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, absolutely. If for any reason, you are not happy with our service, we will cancel your subscription immediately. Just send us a message from inside your account’s support area.