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Docyt is a truly elegant mobile solution for managing your business on the go. My clients love that they can control all bill payments, view financial reports, access business documents, and communicate with me using one simple product.

Gary Nicolassi,

CVN Vista Accounting

Before Docyt, I had a non-stop flow of transactions and receipts from our corporate credit cards that I had to manually manage. Docyt has streamlined our receipts workflow and automated the reconciliation of our credit cards. I no longer need to build and manage any rules! Now my time has freed up considerably and I can focus on other important aspects of our business.

Loretta Fu,

CFO, Vet Rocket LLC

From the outset, Docyt has been easy to use and affordable. Docyt has eased many of our accounting burdens and opened up the time to focus on what really matters.

Bhupen Amin,

COO, Lotus Hotels Inc

Docyt is all in one tool to manage all my business financials. It is very reliable and simple to use. When I want to see my current sales, expenses, or profit, I just check my phone. Docyt has given me more control over my data.

Harpreet Shah,

Owner, The UPS Store

Docyt has made my interaction with my accountant more meaningful. Happy that I am finally spending more time improving my business rather than doing manual data entry or other frustrating back office work.

Tony Agosta,

Partner, Agosta Insurance

Docyt has saved my business in accounting. I was having issues with our corporate accounting program as it had a bunch of issues that was just making me delayed in accounting. With Docyt, I was able to do almost a year worth of accounting in one week or less. The support has been amazing and I love the fact that it can integrate with my corporate accounting software.

Dan Sisson, The UPS Store®, Washington

Before Docyt, I struggled to understand what was going on in our business, as did our accountants. With Docyt, I am seeing things so much faster and better.

Alex Barthe,

The UPS Store®

Bundled Solution. Better Value for your Money.

FeaturesCompetitive Offering2 usersDocyt Plus plan2 users
Bill Payment$90Included
Receipt Capture$20Included
Revenue Accounting$150Included
Financial Reports$150Included
Team Collaboration$16Included

You only have to learn, use, and pay for one subscription
AND you get these additional benefits:

Docyt includes unlimited AI automation: data extraction, categorization, reconciliation, and sync with QuickBooks.

Docyt has multi-entity support.

Docyt ties all your financial data together, across one or multiple companies, with real-time financial reports.


Small business. Owner-operators handle back office tasks.

$299 / month
  • 2 User Licenses
  • 3 Bank/Credit Card Accounts
  • Mail Checks, Standard ACH
  • Bill Pay
  • Receipt Capture
  • Team Collaboration
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Automated Reconciliation
  • Revenue Accounting
  • 1 Revenue Integration for
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Growing business. Designated employees handle back office tasks.

$499 / month
  • 5 User Licenses
  • 10 Bank/Credit Card Accounts
  • Mail Checks, Faster ACH
  • Everything in Basic, and:
  • Expense Reports
  • Advanced Reporting
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Business with multiple revenue-generating departments. Requires advanced revenue accounting and departmental reports.

$599 / month
  • 10 User Licenses
  • 15 Bank/Credit Card Accounts
  • Mail Checks, Next Day ACH
  • Everything in Plus, and:
  • Department-Level Reports and Controls
  • 3 Revenue Integrations for
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Tailored solution for large number of entities and high transaction volumes.

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Compare Software Features

Digital Back Office
Receipt Scans & AI Data ExtractionUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Vendor Bill Scans & AI Data ExtractionUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Multi-Entity Support
Full Featured Mobile & Web Apps
Chat & Collaboration
Team Management - Roles & Permissions
Digital Mailbox
Encrypted Data Vault & Document Storage
Back-Office Administrator User Licenses2510
Continuous Reconciliation
Real-Time Bank Feed
AI-Based Categorization
AI-Based Transaction Matching
Number of Accounts Reconciled (Bank/Credit Card)31015
General Ledger IntegrationQuickBooksQuickBooksQuickBooks
Reporting & Analytics
Standard Financial Statements
Vendor and Expense Analytics
Budget Variance Reports
Partner/Investor/Controller Reports
Department-Level Reports
Expense Accounting
Accounts Payable
Receipt Management and Tracking
Contractor W9 tracking
Employee Card Reconciliation
Expense Report Administration
Advanced Approval Workflows
Data Exports
Revenue Accounting
Point of Sale Revenue Report
Franchise System Integration
Daily Merchant Deposit Tracking
Daily Cash Tracking
Multi-Category Revenue
Chargeback Tracking
Email and Chat Support
Online Help Center Guides and Videos
Product Training Webinars
White-Glove Onboarding
Phone Support
Account Manager Based SupportAdditionalAdditionalAdditional
Data MigrationAdditionalAdditionalAdditional
Check/ACH Costs
Physical Checks$1.69$1.50$1.25
Standard ACH (4-6 days)$0.50$0.50$0.50
Faster ACH (2-3 days)N/A$1.50$1.50
Next Day ACHN/AN/A$2.50

Do you need a Bookkeeper or Tax Accountant?

If you prefer to work with a bookkeeper rather than do it yourself, Docyt can connect you to a professional in our network.

Contact us at

Docyt can refer you to a bookkeeper or tax accountant.


How do I choose the right plan for my business?

Our three-tiered pricing plan is designed to cater to busineses with different needs. When evaluating which plan is right for your business, consider a) how many user licenses you need, b) how many payments you make each month, c) how many bank or credit card accounts you need to connect to Docyt, and d) whether or not you use a revenue system for your hotel, franchise, or retail business.

Don’t worry! If you choose a plan and then need to switch, you can easily upgrade or downgrade.

What are my payment options?

We accept debit and credit cards and can bill you monthly or annually.

Do you require a contract?

We believe in building a great product and providing excellent service, and therefore don’t feel a need to bind our customers into contracts. You can cancel at any time.

What if I want to add additional users?

If you would like to increase your allotted number of user licenses, you would need to upgrade to the next plan. For example, the Basic plan includes 2 user licenses. If you need to add an additional user, you would need to upgrade to the Plus plan.

What if I want to test drive Docyt?

We offer a 30-day free trial for the Basic plan only.

I have multiple businesses or one business with multiple locations. Will this cost extra?

No. All of Docyt’s pricing plans include multi-entity support. Additionally, different entities can be on different pricing plans. For example, you can have one business on the Plus plan and another business on the Basic plan.

Do you charge extra for support?

We include basic chat and email support with all our pricing plans. Plus and Advanced include additional support touchpoints. Please see our detailed Comparison chart above for more details

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