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Gose CPA & accounting firm transforms their client accounting services with Docyt


Gose, LLP is a highly experienced full-service CPA and accounting firm based in Southern California. The firm began in 2021 and is managed by three partners serving small to midsize businesses and high-net-worth individuals across various industries, including technology, professional services, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and agriculture. 

The challenge

With the key objective to scale its CFO and accounting services efficiently, the managing partners at Gose decided to make some changes to their accounting operations and client service experience. They saw a need to standardize their bookkeeping process across all clients. They found it difficult in the early stages of each client journey to stay organized when keeping track of all supporting client documents and managing their expenses. They used various accounting and productivity tools like tracking client transactions in spreadsheets, setting up recurring calendar reminders for tasks, and utilizing a generic document portal to centralize client information and communication. Although this might seem like a good and reliable system at the time, it wasn’t scalable as their client base grew. With many clients using different systems, this created a very fragmented technology stack for the firm to manage. Having to access to different systems to manage activities and bookkeeping tasks ended up being a very time-consuming and inefficient process, especially for scalability. 

In addition, the number of steps it took to complete a task in each system for different clients was very repetitive and also very different in nature, so the partners wanted to simplify and automate this. They needed to find an innovative solution quickly as they continued to grow. 

The solution

Mark Gose, Founding and Managing Partner at Gose led the charge in finding an accounting solution that would fit their needs. In search of a new solution, he had these business values top of mind, leveraging the latest and greatest cloud-based technology that would enable them to be efficient with their workload and provide high-quality and responsive services to their clients. 

After receiving a recommendation for Docyt, the firm conducted a thorough evaluation and recognized its value. They were particularly impressed by several features that influenced their decision to move forward. They liked Docyt’s seamless integration with QuickBooks® Online ensuring a smooth sync of data. The user-friendly interface proved to be intuitive and easy to navigate, which would simplify their daily bookkeeping to-do’s when it comes to communicating with clients, seeing what transactions have been reconciled by the system, and an easy way to collect client documents all in one platform. Communicating with clients is easier using the Docyt platform. Their clients can upload files directly into Docyt since they have individual access, instead of having clients send their financial documents by email or uploading to various document management systems, making it tedious to keep up with everything and increasing the likelihood of something getting accidentally overlooked. To top it off, Docyt’s exceptional customer support team reassured them as the right solution for their business.

One dashboard for managing all clients and daily tasks.

The results

12+ hours

Saved per month

After implementing Docyt, the firm quickly started using the advanced capabilities including Docyt’s catch-up bookkeeping service. This included automated and real-time transaction categorization and continuous revenue reconciliation for third-party billing systems. With Docyt’s AutoPilot feature, and with the ability for Docyt to connect to their client’s financial bank institutions, the transactions are automatically reviewed and categorized in real-time, allowing for quicker decision-making. This left Mark and his clients with a handful of uncategorized transactions to review at month-end, which the platform easily flags for review.  With the automation now in place, the team is saving dozens of hours a month, which translates to 100+ hours a year in manually chasing their clients for financial documents and manually keying and categorizing their expenses and financials into the system. Ultimately, the Gose team is able to be hands-off with the manual data entry work because of Docyt’s automation. This also enabled the firm to keep all client documents and bookkeeping tasks in one place, creating a standardized process for all their clients. 

Docyt's AI-powered Auto-Pilot feature saves hours of manual work
auto-categorizing expense transactions in real-time.

Additionally, they found Docyt’s secured Data Vault to be great for storing key financial documents ensuring that their client’s sensitive information is always protected and organized. They had a couple of clients early on that came with messy books and required substantial clean-up and catch-up work including a mid-year migration from QuickBooks® Desktop to QuickBooks® Online, and the Docyt team was instrumental in helping with this work. 

Docyt transformed Gose’s accounting operations, liberating the firm from the burdensome responsibilities of mundane bookkeeping and data entry tasks. This partnership allowed the Gose team to get more time back to developing strategies to improve their client service experiences. With Docyt, Gose successfully streamlined their accounting workflows from client communication to document collection and management as well as automated bank reconciliation. Automating these workflows allowed the company to ultimately scale its services efficiently to deliver higher-fee accounting advisory services.

Docyt truly is a game-changer for CPA firms and bookkeepers.

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Mark Gose

CPA, Managing Partner at Gose, LLP 

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