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Docyt accounting automation is a game changer for accounting firms.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are transforming the accounting profession. Docyt gives you the technology you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Docyt standardizes your accounting processes, increases efficiencies, and improves profitability. And for your clients, Docyt delivers real-time accounting.

Trusted by tech-forward accounting firms

Docyt is a proud member of the BDO Alliance

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A modern, unified tech stack.

Docyt is a system, powered by AI, where all accounting workflows work together and as a result, real-time accounting is possible.

Our accounting automation software includes bill pay, receipt capture, expense reports, revenue report capture, continuous reconciliation, and more.

Docyt’s benefits include:

process improvement

1. Process Improvement

Docyt brings standardization across your clients. From categorization to vendor management to one tech stack, every client is uniform. This makes your work much faster.

one tech stack

2. One Tech Stack

Docyt decreases data risk by providing native, bundled workflows. It eliminates the need for multiple bill pay, receipt capture, expense report, and reconciliation software subscriptions. It's also cheaper.

productivity increase

3. Productivity Increase

Docyt extracts data from bills and receipts, detects errors and duplicates, automatically categorizes transactions, and continuously matches them with supporting documents, like receipts, in your ledger. As a result, your books are continuously reconciled. No more waiting until month end.

branded experience

4. Branded Experience

Docyt provides a custom experience. We can incorporate your branding so clients identify with your firm while Docyt's automation platform runs quietly in the background.

One dashboard for all your clients and daily tasks.

One dashboard for all your clients and daily tasks

Unified Solution

An integrated platform streamlines accounting workflows.


Bill Pay, Receipt Capture, Expense Reports


Point-of-Sale Report Integrations

Bank Feeds

Bank Feeds Real-time feeds from 11,000+ financial institutions


Continuous reconciliation of your accounts resulting in real-time accounting.


Chat with clients and control staff access to workflows


One place to securely receive documents from clients

Data Vault

Automatic organization of client data in encrypted storage


Real-time P&L, Balance Sheet, Management Reports


Split expenses and settle balances across companies, generate consolidated reports.

Modern Apps

Full-featured mobile and web apps

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Docyt Automates Ledger Reconciliation

Data Collection

Docyt rapidly absorbs and extracts data. Send us your documents by snapping photos in our mobile app, emailing, or via a drag and drop. Docyt also actively pulls data from banks, POS systems, and accounting software. No more manual data entry.

Auto Categorization and Matching

Docyt is a self-learning system. It learns your client's chart of accounts and accurately enters transactions into the general ledger. Whether an entry exists in the general ledger or not, the transaction is pushed or matched continuously.

Real Time Reporting

Docyt AutoPilot reviews and accepts transactions into the accounting software in real time. With unknown transactions, Docyt learns from your edits. The income statement and balance sheet are continuously updated. This enables real time reports for your clients.

Remote Work

Exceptional Client Management

With our automated workflows and client chat, your team can close your clients' books much faster.

Employee Roles and Permissions

Assign your team to workflow modules and clients.

Transaction and Document Chat

Chat directly on each transaction and document to get answers quickly. The entire conversation is saved and searchable.

Dashboard for Your Clients

A Dashboard for your client to see detailed income reports and balance sheet. Add your customized management reports. Share and discuss the reports with your clients using real time chat.

Inbox and Data Vault

Docyt’s integrated inbox simplifies document collection from clients. All data and documents are automatically encrypted and saved in the secure data vault. Access documents anytime for workflows, taxes, or audits.

Ironclad Accounting

Accounting best practices.

With Docyt, you have a single technology platform that standardizes bookkeeping for all your clients.

Accurate Revenue Tracking

Docyt will track the revenue from your client's revenue reports against the merchant credit card and cash deposits to ensure there is no revenue leakage.

Audit-Proof Expense Accounting

Receipts, invoices, and expense reports are continuously matched to their respective transactions and synced to the accounting software. Use advanced approval controls in key workflows like bill pay and expense reimbursement.

Powerful Vendor Management

Invite your clients’ vendors to connect to Docyt and set up ACH payments. Easily obtain their W9s so your clients are prepared for tax season.

Efficient Monthly Closing

Docyt Autopilot is continously categorizing transactions, matching them with supporting documents, and synching them in the accounting software. Resolve uncategorized transactions or missing receipts by chatting directly with your clients from Docyt.



QuickBooks Online

Coming Soon

QuickBooks Desktop and Xero
Modern Digital Experience
Client Experience

Impress your clients with a modern digital experience.

Docyt’s cutting-edge AI and beautiful design make accounting easier for your clients. Best of all, it gives them control of their data and by extension, their destiny.

With Docyt, a business owner no longer needs to touch the accounting software, thereby keeping the ledger clean for their accountant.

Mobile App

Our full-featured mobile app frees clients from their physical back-office. They can approve bills from their phone, and quickly respond to your questions.

Document Scan

Business owners and employees can scan receipts and invoices and submit expenses from their smart phones. This speeds up document collection and audit protects their business.

Secure Data Vault

All data and documents are secure and encrypted. Small businesses are a target for hackers. Docyt provides critical security protocols and peace of mind.

No Password Collection

When Docyt’s connection with a bank or accounting software breaks, as it does sometimes, your client can easily reestablish the connection from their mobile phone. Docyt eliminates the need for accountants to obtain and manage clients’ bank login credentials.

Real-Time KPIs

Docyt gives business owners greater control. From their phone they can see their real-time income, expenses, P&L, and balance sheet, so they can make informed decisions quickly.

Custom Solutions

Each Client is Different. Docyt is Flexible.

Have Docyt automate the entire accounting workflow or activate select modules for your clients.

1. Corporate Cards Management and Reconciliation

Does your client have corporate cards? Connect all corporate cards and manage access for employees. Docyt continuously categorizes transactions, matches them with receipts, and reconciles the credit card accounts.

Modules used:
  • Banking Accounts
  • Receipt Box
  • Reconciliation Center

2. Bill Pay and Expense Reimbursements

Use Docyt bill pay and keep the float! Role-based access and approval controls give you confidence with bill payment. Docyt will sync invoices and payments to your accounting software where you can manually reconcile them.

Modules used:
  • Bill Pay
  • Expense Reports

3. Point of Sale Revenue Reconciliation

Need to track and reconcile your POS revenue? Docyt pulls and reconciles bank deposits with revenue reports and syncs them to your accounting software.

Modules used:
  • Banking Accounts
  • Revenue Center
  • Reconciliation Center

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