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Accounting Automation Software and Financial Apps for Restaurants

Save on labor costs and optimize profitability. Use Docyt to run your back office.

Creating a profitable restaurant that has staying power takes fortitude.

To succeed requires both sides of your brain as well as passion and determination. You need creativity and people skills to create a great dining experience. You also need business savvy to manage your costs and market your business. Most people who open restaurants are foodies and chefs, not accountants. The tedious, yet important, financial management of their restaurant gets overwhelming. That’s where Docyt can help. Let us manage your back office so you can focus on your kitchen and customers.

Benefits of financial apps for restaurant owners

Revenue Reconciliation and Accounting

Get automated daily revenue tracking. Docyt integrates with your POS.

Bill Pay

Manage your cash flow. Do next-day ACH or mail a Docyt check and keep the float.

Corporate Card Expense Management

Track spend by category, vendor, and employee. Automate receipt collection.

Automated Bookkeeping

Free up your staff from manual bookkeeping so they can focus on increasing sales.

Financial Statements

See your real-time expenses and profitability. Make timely, well-informed decisions.

Improve profitability with real-time financial insights

Cash Flow and Liquidity Management

Be prepared. Get visibility into upcoming expenses and cash on hand.

Labor Report

Measure employee performance. See payroll cost to revenue.

Manager's Operating Statement

Empower your managers. Share expense and profitability data for their restaurant.

Recipe Profitability Report

Create profitable menus. Understand cost and sales data per dish and beverage.

Inventory Management Report

Manage expenses. Docyt connects to your inventory system and calculates cost of goods sold.

Cash Accountability Report

Mitigate loss. View reports that track cash from POS collection to bank deposit.

How Does Docyt Do It?

Docyt pulls data from your revenue system and financial institution. Then, Docyt organizes that information into a variety of daily reports to give you actionable insights into your earnings.

Learn how Docyt can give you full visibility into your daily revenue.

Grow your business with confidence.
Docyt supports multi-location accounting

Liquidity Management

Protect against cash shortfalls. Move and account for cash transfers between restaurants.

Comparison Reports

Improve operations. Compare performance metrics across locations.

Consolidation Reports

Make filing taxes easier. Get a consolidated P&L and balance sheet for all your restaurants.


Account for expenses correctly. If employees work in multiple locations, split payroll accordingly.

Business Partner Accounting

Compensate accurately. Track partner's contributions by location for balance sheet integrity.

Expense Management

Get it right. Docyt automates splits, settlements, and accruals across your locations.

Get more out of Docyt via partnerships and support

Payroll Integration

Get Gusto, an award-winning payroll solution offered at one clear price.

Timekeeping Integration

Get Deputy, schedule staff with ease and pay with confidence.

Payment Processing

Docyt partners with Stripe so you can accept payments and send payouts.

Docyt Account Managers

Prefer to outsource bookkeeping? We'll manage Docyt and reconcile your books.

Onboarding Help

Docyt accountants ensure that your chart of accounts and reports are set up correctly.

Catchup Accounting

Behind on your books? Hire Docyt to bring your books up to date.

Tax Filing

Docyt can refer you to trusted tax CPAs in our network.

Become a Docyt expert

How To Videos

For visual learners, short video snippets show how to use Docyt.

How To Articles

Have specific questions? Search our in depth knowledge base.

Training for Your Team

Enroll in Docyt's software certification program so employees are equipped to succeed.

Data Security

Docyt is SOC2 Type II compliant.

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