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Automated AI Bookkeeping Software Solution

Automate transaction categorization and remove the need for manual journal entries.

Business owners and their accountants can spend less time on mundane bookkeeping and more time on strategic work.

Docyt Learns Your Business with Powerful AI Technology

Unlike traditional accounting software, Docyt builds knowledge about your business every time you use it. Once you train Docyt on how to categorize a new transaction type, it will remember and complete future transactions accurately and independently.

Docyt can provide a dedicated, human account manager to train Docyt's AI for you.

Choose to run Docyt's accounting automation software yourself or hire a Docyt account manager to oversee the accounting automation.

Docyt only flags transactions that require your input

To make your life easier, Docyt will alert you via email and in-product messaging when you need to take action such as uploading a receipt, categorizing a transaction, or connecting your bank account.

All-in-one AI bookkeeping software

Docyt is a unique multi-functional accounting tool that automates your entire back office. Docyt enables you to pay bills, reimburse expenses, capture receipts, and track revenue all in one place.

It also continuously updates your financials with transactions generated from these workflows. As a result, your P&L and balance sheet are updated in real-time.

This means that you have up-to-date data when you need to make important decisions for your business. 

Expenses: Automated Spend Management

  • Pay Bills
  • Reimburse employee expenses
  • Manage corporate credit card spending
  • Capture and digitize receipts

Income: Automated Revenue Tracking

  • Extract daily and monthly revenue reports from POS systems
  • Ensure receipt of all monies earned by comparing revenue reports to bank deposit

AI-Powered Categorization and Reconciliation

  • Automatically compare bank deposits with revenue reports
  • Streamline the reconciliation process with automated verification and ledger syncing

Real-Time Financial Reports

Make better-informed decisions quickly with real-time financial insights

Docyt provides a live view of your expense and revenue data. As a result, your profit and loss statement and balance sheet are updated in real-time. If you’re wondering which expenses are increasing or if revenue is up or down, you don’t have to wait until after the month closes. You can see this information daily.

Franchise owners who use Docyt

What our customers had to say

"I chose Docyt to better organize and simplify our accounting and accounts payable systems. It has turned out to be a great choice and alleviated the stress and burden of those functions. I’ve enjoyed my relationships with the Docyt team and look forward to continuing to work with them."
Bhupen B. Amin
Lotus Hotels & Investments
"Docyt has made my interaction with my accountant more meaningful. Happy that I am finally spending more time improving my business rather than doing manual data entry or other frustrating back office work."
Tony Agosta
Partner, Agosta Insurance

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