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Join our tax accounting partner network

We’ll connect you with business owners needing tax services. Best of all, Docyt customers have clean books making tax filing easier for you.

Why join our network?

Docyt has a robust customers’ base and it’s growing every month. While we manage our customers daily bookkeeping and month-end close, we don’t provide tax advice or file taxes. That’s where you come in.

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Benefits of Docyt at tax time

Automated Bookkeeping

Our AI-powered accounting software automates transaction categorization and reconciliation reducing human errors. You'll get clean, accurate books.

Receipt Capture

Docyt automates receipt capture and digitizes and stores all receipts. No more manual work for you at year end!

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Automated Document Matching

Docyt continuously matches bank transactions to their respective documentation including receipts, invoices, and check stubs. You'll have back-up documentation for all income and expenses.

Document Storage

All documents are digital, encrypted, and securely stored in Docyt. You no longer have to chase customers for documents or manage this via email.

Financial Statements

See year-end P&L and balance sheet.

Multi-Location Consolidation Reports

Get a consolidated P&L and balance sheet for all businesses. This makes tax filing easier.

Multi-Location Expense Splits

Docyt automates splits, settlements, and accruals across all locations. You'll get accurate books.

Accounting Methods

Docyt can generate either cash basis or accrual basis year-end reports depending on what's most advantageous for your clients.

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Have customers who need help with bookkeeping?

Benefits of Docyt for business owners

Revenue Reconciliation and Accounting

Docyt integrates with POS systems and automates revenue tracking. This makes year-end tax filing easy.

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Bill Pay

Manage cash flow. Do next-day ACH or mail a Docyt check and keep the float.

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Corporate Card Expense Management

Track spend by category, vendor, and employee. Automate receipt collection.

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Automated Bookkeeping

Free up staff from manual bookkeeping so they can focus on increasing sales.

Financial Statements

See real-time expenses and profitability. Make timely, well-informed decisions.

Multi-Entity Accounting

Make filing taxes easier. Get a consolidated P&L and balance sheet for all your businesses.

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Data security

Protecting our customers’ data is important to us. Docyt is SOC2 Type II compliant.

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Join our growing network of tax accounting partners and connect with business owners needing tax services.