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Bill Pay - Accounts Payable Automation Software

Get unlimited paper and digital invoice scanning. Make payments using Docyt’s mobile or web app. Docyt gives you peace of mind with duplicate detection, access controls, and invoices and checks matched to bank transactions and autosynced to your accounting software.

Docyt Bill Pay

How Bill Pay Works

Docyt's integrated, automated accounting platform powers your bill pay workflow from invoice to payment to reconciliation, all in one place.

Collect step in Receipt Capture workflow


Snap, email, scan, or upload your invoices.

Extract step in Receipt Capture workflow


Docyt uses Machine Learning to identify and extract data.

Bill Pay feature in Docyt


Verify, approve, and pay invoices in Docyt Accounts Payable.


Docyt matches transactions with payments and auto updates your accounting software.

Docyt Accounts Payable. Manage payments all on one screen!

Docyt Accounts Payable user interface

Docyt Expense Reports Features

AI data extraction

AI Data Extraction

It's unlimited, for all pricing plans.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Provides greater accuracy than older OCR technology.

Docyt Check

Docyt Check

Keep the float! We print and mail a paper check.

Docyt ACH

Docyt ACH

Pay electronically.

Future payments

Future Payments

Schedule one-time or recurring payments.

Mark as paid

Mark As Paid

Use cash, check, or credit cards. Mark as paid in Docyt.



Find any payment or invoice via keywords.

Vendor reports

Vendor Reports

Track spending by vendor.

Duplicate detection

Duplicate Detection

Docyt alerts you of duplicate invoices or payments.

Invoice Management

Invoice Management

Pay many invoices with one payment. Or, pay one invoice with many payments.



Ask questions about an invoice. Search conversations.

Document storage

Document Storage

Unlimited, encrypted document storage.

Pay Your Way. Keep the Float.

Many payment options, one powerful bill pay workflow.
Docyt Check

Docyt Check

Like bank bill pay, but better. With Docyt, funds remain in your account until the check is deposited. Docyt generates, prints, and mails a paper check and can include documentation like invoice stubs, renewal forms, and sales tax letters.

Mark as Paid

Mark as Paid

Pay on your own using cash, checks, or debit/credit cards. Just mark transactions as paid in Docyt and your accounting software will be automatically updated.

Docyt ACH

Docyt ACH

Move money quickly with electronic payments.

Docyt Scheduled payments

Docyt Scheduled Payments

Set up one-time and recurring payments with Docyt Check or ACH.

Pay your way Bill Pay

Customize Your Workflow

Use roles and permissions to define who has bill pay access and their level of participation.

Role-Based Access

Assign staff to different roles. Move workflows faster.









Approval Controls

Mitigate fraud. Assign approvers for approval of certain vendors or high dollar transactions.

Approval controls

Docyt Vendor Network

Vendors - colored

We cross reference every invoice against our 20,000 Verified Vendors.

Vendors addresses - colored

Clean, accurate addresses and confirmed, legitimate vendors mitigates fraud.

Extracting data from invoice

Docyt AI Mitigates Fraud and Loss

To prevent unnecessary payments, Docyt AI actively evaluates every invoice. It's on the alert for:

Bill Pay for Multi-Entity Owners

Docyt gives you a consolidated payment experience for all your business entities.

payment splits

Inter-Entity Payment Splits

Docyt will record the expense and liabilities in each business' respective balance sheet in the accounting software.

real time financials

Real-time financials

Since Docyt is continuously reconciling the accounting software, balance sheets are updated in real time.


Inter-Entity Settlements

At the end of the month, quarter, or year, make an ACH transfer or generate a Docyt check to transfer funds and complete settlement. Docyt will update each entity's balance sheets.


One Dashboard

See all entities in one place. Track how each location is performing in real time and make adjustments.

Bill Pay for multi entities

Franchise Owners Who Use Docyt

La Quinta
Comfort Suites
Country Inn
Courtyard Marriott
Delta Hotels
The UPS Store
Days Inn
Best Western

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