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Empowering current and future accounting and finance professionals in AI-driven accounting automation to achieve business objectives.
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World-class courses designed to provide you best practices, industry-specific knowledge in finance and accounting, and practical tools to help you advance your career, grow your business, or master new skills.

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After completing our courses, you'll receive a certificate and badge, which you can showcase on your LinkedIn profile to enhance your professional reputation and credibility.

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Build your network by becoming a part of our growing community of accountants, CPAs, business owners, finance executives and professionals. As a bonus, Docyt University members get exclusive swag to enjoy along the journey.

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4 Courses


AI-Bookkeeping Masterclass:
For Business Owners

Build a foundation for AI-bookkeeping concepts and financial management techniques. Our courses teach you how to optimize your back-office operations, harness the full potential of automated financial reporting, and streamline internal collaboration using Docyt AI.

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4 Courses


Maximizing Business Profits with AI: A Guide for General Managers

Designed for general managers across any industry. Get best practices for revenue management and financial reporting. Acquire proven techniques and training on leveraging AI-powered financial insights to optimize business operations, control costs, enhance compliance, and achieve more significant outcomes.

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6 Courses


The Accountant's Blueprint: Mastering AI in your Accounting

In today's competitive landscape, relying on manual bookkeeping and accounting methods no longer work. Discover AI concepts and tools to elevate your practice. By the end of the course, you'll master standardized processes, increased efficiency, and time-saving techniques with Docyt AI.

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13 Courses


Docyt AI Masterclass:
Hospitality Accounting

Master the intricacies of hospitality accounting, from optimizing revenue management, AP workflows, to understanding USALI financial reporting, and more. This course covers hot topics and use cases for efficient financial management.

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4 Courses


Advanced Settlement Techniques for Multi-Location Businesses

Enroll in the course to learn a proven framework and best practices for implementing AI tools such as Docyt AI into your growth strategies. Topics covered include inter-company transaction reconciliation, consolidated financial reporting, and more.

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2 Courses


Industry-Specific Financial Reporting

Explore Docyt AI's industry-specific financial reporting features in depth. Learn how to optimize your reports and unlock a deeper understanding of your financial insights. This course delves into a range of industry reports for Quick Service Restaurants, Hospitality, SaaS technology, and more.

Learn from top-notch accounting experts

Our team is comprised of high-tech CPAs, accountants, financial professionals, Docyt AI experts, and industry specialists.


Rebekah Oosterbaan

Director of Education, Docyt

Rebekah leads AI accounting education by combining technical knowledge with a human-centric approach. Rebekah's leadership involves creating advanced programs to equip professionals for changing economic situations, transforming how accounting is taught and practiced at Docyt University.

Tom G

Tom G. Porterfield

Account Executive, CPA, CFE, Docyt

Tom G. Porterfield, a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Franchise Executive, brings a wealth of expertise in accounting and franchising to his role at Docyt. Previously, he was the proprietor of a CPA firm specializing in providing technology-driven accounting solutions tailored to franchise operations.


Kori Bowling

CPA, MAccH, Accounting Success Manager, Docyt

Kori Bowling is passionate about helping accounting firms streamline their bookkeeping procedures and empower their staff. At Docyt, Kori collaborates closely with customers to address their unique business challenges by applying accounting best practices and AI-first automation technology.

Crystal 3

Crystal Francis

Accounting Success Manager, Docyt

Crystal brings over 20 years of financial leadership and expertise to the Docyt University courses. She seamlessly blends expertise in project management, technology integration, and customer success. Her innovative mindset and adaptability make her a vital asset.

Jack Turner Heashot

Jack Turner

Product Expert, Docyt

Jack Turner is a Product Manager and AI specialist at Docyt. He specializes in accounts payable, vendor management, financial reporting and analytics. He is passionate about AI technology and helping business owners and internal finance teams optimize their financial processes.
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Kelli Goody

Head of Business Development, MPAc, Docyt

Kelli Goody, MPAC, leads Business Development at Docyt, specializing in partnerships with CPA and accounting firms. With an accounting background and experience as a controller, she offers firsthand insights into addressing unique financial management challenges. She's passionate about AI technology and helping businesses apply this digital strategy to achieving their business goals.


Jessica Reece, EA

Accounting Success Manager, Docyt

Jessica Reece is a seasoned accounting professional with a strong background in financial management. Her expertise spans across various domains including Budgeting, Operations, Accounting, Tax, Compliance, and Negotiation. Currently, Jessica works closely with Docyt's customers, leveraging her skills to address their unique challenges and maximize the benefits of Docyt's suite of solutions.

Why learners love Docyt University

Why learners love Docyt University

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