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November 2023 Releases

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What's new in Docyt this month?

Big announcement! This month, we’re rolling out four exciting enhancements. We’ve fine-tuned things to make our customers’ lives easier, providing improved ways for them to collaborate with others, streamline workflows within Docyt, and gain deeper insights into their business’s financial performance. Take a look! 🚀

1. Get Real-Time Insights on ACH Payment Status
Ach Tr Backg 2

Easily track and get real-time insights into when ACH payments are made or canceled by seeing a list of all ACH transactions in a single view. In addition, you can get other payment insights like viewing payment amounts, payment dates, payee details, and more!  

2. Easily Review and Manage Similarly Flagged Transactions
Better Flagged

We enhanced the way our users manage automated flagged transactions. Our customers no longer need to review and mark similarly flagged transactions individually. Now, similar flagged transactions are grouped and presented as a single flagged transaction for easy review and management, providing a faster and more efficient way for business owners and accountants to collaborate.

3. Access Docyt's Real-Time Financial Insights Dashboard on Mobile
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We’ve now brought our Real-Time Financial Insights Dashboard to Docyt’s mobile app. This means our customers can always stay on top of their business KPIs and metrics, no matter where they are in the world. Your business’s financial performance updates are now at your fingertips anytime, anywhere!

4. Prevent Overdrafts. See Real Bank Balances, Even With Pending Payments
Visualizing Btr

Access your actual bank balance, including pending payment transactions that haven’t cleared yet. This feature safeguards our customers from writing checks or overdrafts, ensuring they have an accurate spending figure even when payment transactions are still pending.

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