Smart Back Office
for Small Businesses

AI-powered back office that cuts accounting costs by 80%, increases productivity by 10x,
and protects against financial fraud.

Docyt is a Smart Digital Back Office

Docyt is the world’s first digital back-office that leverages artificial intelligence to increase the efficiency of your workforce by 10x, reduce operating expenses by 80% and protect you from payment fraud.

AI that works 24×7

Say goodbye to pulling all-nighters or drowning in back-office paperwork and business financials over weekends. Docyt’s AI has no downtime and works every second, so you don’t have to.

Real-time business health

Watch how your firm is performing live on any device. Welcome to a world where real-time metrics for your business are the norm and not a luxury.

Track every penny

Get accurate numbers on every income & expense line item. Only Docyt lets you track your cash flow down to the penny so that you can follow your money closely.

Establish trust between partners

Bring transparency to your firm. Docyt automatically syncs information between all business partners, so everyone is on the same page.

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Run your back office from anywhere

Do not be confined to your back office. From one-tap bill payments to drilling down into your real-time financials, take any critical back-office action straight from your phone or tablet.

Access on any device

Conduct your business from anywhere. Login to the Docyt web app to oversee your back-office and when you’re stepping out, pick up seamlessly from where you left off on the Docyt mobile app.

Ease of use

No complicated training or setup process. Onboard any number of business entities in under 60 minutes. Start using the app right away and see savings from day 1.


Docyt uses artificial intelligence to fully automate the back office work no business owner wants to do. Cut your operating costs by 80% and get more time back to focus on growing your business.

AI-Powered Services from Docyt




& Expenses

Real-time business intelligence on-the-go

Bring enterprise-class efficiency to your small business operations with modern tools & real-time business intelligence. Get used to instant & error-free reports. Make effective decisions quickly even when you’re out and about.

Accurate numbers

Take the guesswork out of how much profit you really made this quarter. Zero manual data entry. No approximations. Precise numbers. That’s the power of Docyt!

Multi-entity view

Control the back office of all your business entities in one place. Docyt gives you multi-entity rollup reports so you can monitor the health of just one of your entities or the entire business portfolio with great ease.

Unmatched insights

Get a 30,000 feet view of your business portfolio with key metrics & charts on Docyt dashboard. Dig deeper with an array of reports ranging from vendor cost details to actuals vs. budget.

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Frictionless business communication

Docyt helps you move things quickly and painlessly in your back office. Say goodbye to insecure email attachments and email clutter. Get prompt response from your staff, business partners or accountant anytime with Docyt’s built-in chat.

The best part? It’s free!

No email attachments

Sending critical business documents as email attachments is a thing of the past. Also, do you really know to whose inbox it was forwarded? Share & revoke access on important documents with Docyt’s built-in chat instead.

Collaborate from anywhere

Keep the conversation going even when you can’t be in the office. Clarify questions on invoices, approve bill payments and update your staff straight from your phone.

Hotline to accountant/partners/staff

Rest easy knowing you can reach your business network instantly. Chat directly with your accountant, business partners or staff and get things moving quickly at work.

24×7 Fraud Protection

Don’t stay up late at night worrying about payment fraud. Safeguard your business with Docyt’s built-in fraud detection mechanisms.

Built-in Fraud Detection

While you’re busy building your empire, Docyt monitors your back-office transactions 24×7 and alerts you the moment fraud is detected. Rest better at night knowing Docyt always has your back. 

Track every outgoing penny

Don’t estimate your business expenses. Get Docyt to see exactly where your money is going down to the penny.

Audit compliance

Critical actions like bill approval or bill payment get logged automatically in Docyt. These perfectly preserved audit trails keep you audit-ready and are accessible on the phone.

Data Security like no other

At Docyt, we take security and privacy very seriously. Our brilliant engineers & designers work hard to deliver not only the best user experience but also the highest possible security standards to keep your information safe.

Data Security & Privacy

Nobody should see your data. Not even us. From software architecture to encryption capabilities and even our user interface – everything is designed with an emphasis on data privacy and data security. 

More than bank-grade protection

Docyt goes beyond the bank/military grade encryption mechanisms to protect your data. Docyt’s multi-layered security architecture ensures that only authorized users have access to sensitive business information.

User-defined access

You control who can see your data, what data they can view and for how long. Share or revoke direct access to documents at will or define roles & permissions on back-office services as needed.

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