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Soft-Close Your Books Daily with Docyt

Soft Close The Books Daily With Docyt

Closing the books is vital for nearly all businesses, ensuring every transaction is accounted for accurately. Traditionally, the books are closed at the end of the month, demanding extensive time and resources.  Docyt has reimagined the month-end close process with the concept of daily soft closings. This method guarantees that a business maintains an up-to-date overview of its financial health by ‘almost’ closing the books every day. Not only does this innovative concept streamline operations, it all but eliminates the headaches associated with conventional month-end closing rituals.

Experience The Power Of 360 Degree Transaction Categorization 1 1

At the core of this transformation is AI-powered and automated bookkeeping, which takes a 360-degree approach to bookkeeping – combining bookkeeping and accounting. The Docyt AI platform automatically categorizes and reconciles transactions with the help of advanced AI technologies. This automation streamlines the bookkeeping process, accelerating the process to work more efficiently and significantly reducing labor-intensive tasks. It’s a game-changer for businesses of every size that will level the playing field, providing the kind of financial insight and control that used to be exclusive to companies willing to invest in resources in a finance department.

But really, what is a soft month-end close anyway, and why should I care?

Introducing Real Time1

A soft close is a process that involves the regular daily reviews and reconciliations of accounts, allowing for continuous financial oversight. This starkly contrasts the traditional hard close, where businesses often find themselves scrambling at the end of the month to reconcile accounts, review financial statements, and ensure accuracy. The soft close approach allows businesses to spread the workload throughout the month, significantly reducing the end-of-month burden. This efficient concept gives businesses more time to make strategic financial decisions, making it a valuable tool for financial management.

For businesses seeking to optimize and transform their monthly bookkeeping practices, ClosingFlow is a game changer. This innovation has turned an often cumbersome, traditional month-end close into something very efficient, continuous, and streamlined—in an era where agility and real-time data truly matter. It promises automated bookkeeping, fueled by continuously reconciling finances and categorizing transactions. This saves financial professionals valuable time and provides companies with real-time financial information to support decision-making and strategic planning. 

Make The Month End Close Nothing More Than A Formality

With Docyt, a month-end close is just a button away, enabling convenience and empowerment by allowing businesses to be agile, insightful, and maintain a competitive edge.  

If you’re a business leader or firm supporting a book of business and are eager to stay ahead, Docyt’s technology could be the key to unlocking a new level of financial efficiency and intelligence. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule a demo. It’s a simple step that could significantly improve your monthly bookkeeping practices.

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