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Introducing Docyt’s New Portfolio Financial Insight’s Dashboard

Introducing Docyt's New Portfolio Financial Insight's Dashboard

If you’re a business owner managing multiple entities, it can be difficult to compare and analyze each entity’s financial performance, especially if you’re relying on manual processes; and most accounting automation systems fall short in this area. Docyt’s Portfolio Dashboard enables business owners to analyze how their entities stack up against each other and identify trends so they can make more informed business decisions.

The Portfolio Financial Insights Dashboard displays real-time financial data for all entities in one condensed view, enabling quicker and more informed business decisions. This blog reviews some of the updates we’ve made to this dashboard to provide more value to our customers. 

How does this help me?

Instead of thumbing through dense reports or moving from one business to another, you can simultaneously compare financial metrics, such as net profit, total revenue, and total expenses, for all your entities in one place.

Let’s go through a few of the key features and benefits.

Aggregate View:
Portfolio Dashboard - Aggregate View

In one view, you can see how your portfolio is performing, as a whole, for each specific business metric. This view adds the data from each business to create a conglomerate view of all entities.

Compare View:
Portfolio Dashboard - Compare View

In another view, you can compare your entities side by side to understand how they are performing against one another. This lets you fully understand which entities are excelling and which may need attention.

Change Timelines:
Portfolio Dashboard - Change Timelines

Quickly toggle between different timespans to view information in certain months, quarters, or years for more detailed analysis. This functionality enables users to drill down into the data to observe trends or identify patterns and fluctuations, that may be crucial for decision-making or strategic planning.

Share with Key Stakeholders:
Portfolio Dashboard - Share with Key Stakeholders

Easily share dashboards for your portfolios with other key stakeholders within the business. The share functionality allows you to search for other admins or employees and quickly add them to view the dashboard.

Accurate Data:

Accurately categorize, tag, and process items such as invoices, revenue reports, and bank statements with the help of Docyt AI. Access to instantaneous, accurate data ensures business owners stay up to speed with every aspect of their business.

Ready to make decisions faster?

You can access the Portfolio Dashboard on any of Docyt’s plans. Reach out to our sales team to learn how you can implement this dashboard into your day-to-day routine.

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