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Automated Bank Reconciliation

Make the month-end book closing process so much faster.

Simplify Your Bookkeeping With Continuous Bank Reconciliation

Want to alleviate the stress of closing the books on a timely basis? 

Docyt’s automated reconciliation helps you catch expense and revenue mistakes early, identify fraudulent activity, and be on track for clean, up-to-date books at tax time.

What makes Docyt different?

No Rules.

True automation doesn’t happen without artificial intelligence. With rule-based categorization, the pain of creating and managing rules only compounds as your transaction volume increases.

Whereas, Docyt’s artificial intelligence learns and remembers how to categorize transactions and allows you to categorize in bulk. What a time saver!

Docyt automates ledger reconciliation
Docyt Receipt Capture

Win big.

Spend hours instead of weeks on catchup bookkeeping. When your clients give you a year’s worth of receipts and transactions to categorize and reconcile, use automation to make the process fast and easy. 

Docyt quickly downloads a year’s worth of banking transactions and then you can bulk categorize them. Docyt also automates digitizing receipts and matching them to their respective bank transactions. 

Your clients are audit protected, and their books can be efficiently handed off to their tax accountant.

How Does Docyt Do It?

Simplify Bank Reconciliation with Smart Automated Tools

What Your Accounting Team Needs to Do

Expose Docyt To Your Unique Business

Establish Exceptions in Autopilot Settings

For the few exceptions where you do not want to use Docyt's automation, simply tell Docyt what NOT to do. For example, enable ‘Do not push to ledger’ for payroll transactions or ‘No Document Needed’ for employee expenses under a specified dollar threshold.

Review Unverified and Uncategorized Transactions

Train Docyt. If Docyt doesn't recognize a transaction, you will be asked to categorize it.

What Docyt Will Do

Automates Reconciliation & Continuously Updates Your Accounting Software

Collect Data from Banking Institutions

Docyt connects to more than 12,000 financial institutions via direct bank feeds and easily accepts manually uploaded CSV files from unsupported institutions.


Docyt categorizes receipts and invoices uploaded by your team. You show Docyt how to classify a transaction and it will automatically categorize similar transactions in the future.

Easily Locate Duplicate Transactions

Docyt finds duplicate transactions directly from the live bank feed, even before a bank statement PDF is available. When the statement is available, Docyt will capture any missing transactions and call out discrepancies.

Simplify Month-End Bank Reconciliation

Docyt calls your attention to uncleared deposits and checks, as well as any undocumented transactions. As Docyt auto-matches transactions to the live bank feed or digitized PDF statements, it will alert you to transactions without documentation.

Uncovering and resolving these discrepancies throughout the month, rather than at month’s end, makes reconciling the ledger balance much faster and simpler.

For more information about how Docyt can expedite and simplify your current month-end close process, contact us today.

Franchise Owners Who Use Docyt

Docyt Customers

"I chose Docyt to better organize and simplify our accounting and accounts payable systems. It has turned out to be a great choice and alleviated the stress and burden of those functions. I’ve enjoyed my relationships with the Docyt team and look forward to continuing to work with them."
Bhupen B. Amin
Lotus Hotels & Investments
"Docyt has made my interaction with my accountant more meaningful. Happy that I am finally spending more time improving my business rather than doing manual data entry or other frustrating back office work."
Tony Agosta
Partner, Agosta Insurance

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