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Docyt Is Now Available On The QuickBooks App Store

Docyt Is Available On The QuickBooks App Store

Santa Clara, CA., — For the past decade, in addition to their day job, accountants have curated accounting tech stacks for their clients. It’s been time consuming and expensive to evaluate, purchase, and manage multiple apps for each client. Today, they can trade up to Docyt, a bundled, end-to-end accounting automation software platform that integrates with QuickBooks Online and is now available on the QuickBooks App Store.

Docyt is an AI-powered automation layer that sits on top of QuickBooks Online. It replaces multiple bill pay, expense reimbursement, expense categorization, receipt capture, document management, and data export tools that don’t communicate with each other and silo client data. 

Docyt has native income and expense workflows enabling business owners and their bookkeepers to pay bills, reimburse expenses, record revenue, and collect receipts and invoices – all in one place. Additionally, all data and documents remain within one platform which enhances data security, convenience, and book closing.

Docyt turbocharges QuickBooks by using machine learning to intelligently automate financial data collection, digitization, categorization, and reconciliation. Using Docyt makes accounting firms more profitable, because the software automates the tedious, yet important, tasks of transaction categorization, transaction reconciliation with the supporting receipt or invoice, and syncing them into QuickBooks Online. 

“I love that all workflows are in one place. Everything in Docyt is easy to access and I no longer have to switch between apps. The machine learning is amazing! It frees up my time, and the client dashboard has everything I need for each client,” said Lindsay Hiken, Supervisor, BPM.

“We built Docyt to give business owners control of their financial data and accountants one tool to automate bookkeeping for all their clients,” said Sid Saxena, Docyt CEO and Cofounder. “Docyt enables accountants to deliver real-time accounting. “

Docyt is free for accountants and available on the QuickBooks App Store. Get started by scheduling a demo at sales@docyt.com.

To learn more about Docyt visit https://docyt.com

About Docyt

Docyt, pronounced “docket”, is a cloud-based accounting automation software platform. It’s a single system, which uses machine learning, to automate all financial workflows – both income and expense side – and provides real-time ledger reconciliation and financial statements. For the first time, real-time financials are available through Docyt. 

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Sheila Kilbride - Docyt Director of Marketing

Sheila Kilbride

Director of Marketing

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