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Accounting Automation Software and Financial Apps for High Growth Startups

Your business is dynamic. Docyt's AI-powered back office can keep up.

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In the beginning, it was just an idea.

Now it’s grown into a company with a product, employees, and revenue growth targets. To get to the next milestone, you need to manage your resources wisely. Docyt automated accounting software can give you an edge. You’ll have the financial data you need to plan wisely and communicate effectively with your investors.

How Does Docyt Do It?

Docyt pulls data from your revenue system and financial institution. Then, Docyt organizes that information into a variety of daily reports to give you actionable insights into your earnings.

Learn how Docyt can give you full visibility into your daily revenue.

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Improve profitability with real-time financial insights.

Department Level Accounting

Create a strong foundation. Departmental financial reports give you holistic insight into your company.

SaaS Metrics and Reporting

Impress your investors. Share dashboard insights including CAC, LTV, ACV, and burn rate.

Spend Control Reports

Drill down. See which vendor and expense categories are the highest. Get credit card spend reports.

Consolidated Customer List

You acquire customers on different platforms. Docyt aggregates them in one place.

Revenue Report

Docyt tracks recurring and one-time expenses and recognizes revenue properly.

Use Cases: Here's how Docyt can help your startup

Payroll Accounting

Understand how your employees impact your profitability. Compare revenue to department expenses.

Sales Commissions

See accurate, timely reports. Keep track of this liability in your balance sheet.

Revenue Recognition

Stay audit protected. Docyt recognizes your revenue on an accrual basis so it's accurately reported.

Headcount Financial Modeling

Be prepared. As you plan for another funding round, forecast hiring expenditures against revenue goals.

Subscription Accrual Management

Track your subscription costs. Docyt automates accrual accounting for each vendor.

1099 Management

Docyt manages W-9 collection from your contactors and generates 1099s. It makes tax time a breeze.

Subsidiary Consolidation

Do you have offices in different countries? Get a consolidated income statement and balance sheet.

Get more out of Docyt via partnerships and support.

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Docyt Account Managers

Let us train Docyt's AI to categorize your transactions and reconcile your books.

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Onboarding Help

Docyt accountants ensure that your chart of accounts and reports are set up correctly.

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Revenue Integrations

Docyt connects to subscription revenue systems, including Stripe, to accurately track your revenue.

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Catchup Accounting

Behind on your books? Hire Docyt to bring your books up to date.

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Tax Filing

Docyt can refer you to trusted tax CPAs in our network.

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Become a Docyt expert

Training for Your Team

Enroll in Docyt’s software certification program so employees are equipped to succeed.

How To Videos

For visual learners, short video snippets show how to use Docyt.

How To Articles

Have specific questions? Search our in depth knowledge base.


Data Security

Docyt is SOC2 Type II compliant.

AI-Powered Bookkeeping

Automate your way to profit using Docyt’s real-time accounting platform
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