Automate your Accounting with AI and real-time revenue, reconciliation, and reporting. Don’t get left behind with outdated accounting practices.

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Expense Management

  • Bill pay
  • Employee Expense Reimbursement
  • Receipt Capture
  • Vendor Management
  • Self Print Checks

Revenue Reconciliation

Revenue Reconciliation

  • Track Daily Revenue Deposits
  • Track Accounts Receivables
  • Merchant Deposit Reconciliation
  • Chargeback Tracking

Corporate Credit Card Management

Corporate Credit Card Management

  • Employee Credit Card Manager
  • Employee Receipt Collection
  • Real-time Bank Feed
  • Budgeting and Expense Limits
  • Employee Spend Management Report

Real Time Financial Reporting Image

Real Time Financial Reporting

  • See your real-time balance sheet and P&L.
  • Understand every detail. Drill down on each line item to view invoices, receipts or revenue reports.
  • Share financial performance with your team at any time, from anywhere.

Multi Entity Accounting2

Multi Entity Accounting

Docyt simplifies the complex through artificial intelligence

  • Do you shop in bulk? Docyt will automate splitting expenses across your businesses.
  • Docyt automates journal entries - splits, settlements, and accrued expenses between businesses

Catch Up Bookkeeping Image

Catch Up Bookkeeping

  • Whether you are months or years behind, Docyt will help you take back control of your books
  • Get ready for taxes, loans, or other transactions.

End To End Automated Bookkeeping

How Docyt works

  • Collect: Docyt actively and passively collects data from Bank feeds and POS revenue reports, bills and receipts, Integrations
  • Organize: Once Docyt receives your data, it extracts, identifies, and organizes the data into actionable workflows within the Docyt app.
  • Reconcile: Since Docyt’s AI is 24/7, it provides continuous reconciliation of your accounting software and real-time insights into your company’s performance.
  • Act: Now you can quickly take care of business!

What our customers are saying


I decided to give Docyt a try when I realized my books had fallen behind by a few months. Now, my bookkeeping happens real-time and is error-free. Getting accurate monthly P&Ls is cherry on the cake!

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Bhupen Magan

President, Raya6 Investments

Docyt AI