Accounting Automation Software and Financial Apps for Hospitality

Use AI-powered accounting automation to run your business.

With Docyt you can pay bills, handle expense reimbursements, track and reconcile credit card spending, access revenue reports, get cash and merchant processor deposit tracking, and see real-time USALI financial statements.

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Why Choose Docyt
Accounting for Hotel Industry

USALI Reports

Get real-time USALI financial statements. Access your financial data and see your profitability. Anytime, anywhere.

Bill Pay. Automated.

Scan, approve, pay with a tap. Move workflows faster by inviting employees into your Docyt. You control what they can see and do.

Multi-Hotel Accounting

Add unlimited properties in Docyt. Compare performance across hotels.

Get ahead with the AI for Hospitality accounting whitepaper

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Hotel Accounting

Docyt integrates with PMS systems. It shifts data management to AI and automation. Best of all, it gives you real-time financial reporting.

Merchant Processor Reconciliation

Processor Reconciliation
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Accounting Automation in Your Pocket

Accurate, real-time USALI report for
Hotel Bookkeeping

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I decided to give Docyt a try when I realized my books had fallen behind by a few months. Onboarding was swift. So far, they’ve lived up to my expectation of a smart, paperless back office for my hotels. Now, my bookkeeping happens real-time and is error-free. With Docyt’s simple chat, I get quick answers on invoices, financial transactions or anything work-related from my employees.

Getting accurate monthly P&Ls is cherry on the cake!

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Bhupen Magan

President, Raya6 Investments


Know your profitability. Equip your Back-office with powerful accounting automation.

Docyt AI




Get ahead with the
AI for Hospitality accounting whitepaper
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Get ahead with the Generative AI’s Accounting Whitepaper