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Boost hotel profitability
and back-office efficiency

AI-Powered Bookkeeping and OTA Reconciliation Bundled Solution

Docyt and x·quic have joined forces to offer an exclusive bundled financial services solution for hotel owners and franchisees. This exciting partnership combines AI-powered bookkeeping automation and OTA reconciliation to help hoteliers save more time, reduce financial errors, and maximize profitability.

Save Time and Money with AI-Powered Tools

Our limited-time bundled offer combines Docyt’s AI-powered bookkeeping platform and x·quic’s AI-powered OTA reconciliation solution. With this bundled offer, hoteliers can:

  • Eliminate manual data entry and errors
  • Save money by reclaiming thousands in unclaimed OTA funds
  • Gain real-time visibility into your hotel’s financial health

Get Started with a Free OTA Savings Audit
Have you ever wondered if you’re overpaying with OTA commissions or leaving unused funds on virtual cards? Try x·quic’s AI-powered OTA savings audit service for FREE. Quickly see how much money you can save. X·quic is the #1 OTA reconciliation service today.

Bundled Offer
New xquic customers who are eligible will receive a free one-year OTA audit and pay $0 in fees on the 1st $1,000 recovered.

New Docyt customers who are eligible will receive a $1,000 credit for Docyt services. 

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