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Streamline Accounts Payable with Docyt’s AI Invoice Line-Item Extraction Feature

Streamline Accounts Payable With Docyt’s Ai Invoice Line Item Extraction Feature

The AI Invoice Line-Item extraction feature for Accounts Payable streamlines the invoice processing workflow by eliminating manual data entry for invoices containing multiple line items. This blog explores how Docyt’s AI Invoice Line-Item extraction can bring efficiency and accuracy to your accounts payable department.

Boost Efficiency in Accounts Payable with Docyt's AI-powered Invoice Processing

Manual invoice processing can be time-consuming and error-prone, especially when dealing with invoices requiring specific line-item accounting. Docyt’s AI Invoice Line-Item Extraction automates this process, streamlines your workflows, and frees up valuable time for your accounts payable team.

Effortless Line-Item Extraction and GL Code Assignment

Docyt AI analyzes invoices and automatically extracts critical data, including line-item descriptions. By leveraging extensive industry data, Docyt AI also suggests the appropriate general ledger (GL) code for each item. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, ensuring accuracy and saving your team significant time.

Focus on What Matters

By automating tedious tasks like data entry and GL code assignment, Docyt empowers your accounts payable team to focus on higher-value activities.  They can dedicate their time to more strategic initiatives, such as managing vendor relationships, analyzing spending patterns, and identifying cost-saving opportunities.

Supercharge Productivity, Eliminate Errors, & Ensure Accuracy

  • Eliminate manual data entry: Streamline your AP process and free up your team for more strategic work.


  • Simplify your workflow: Experience a smoother, more efficient AP experience with Docyt’s intelligent automation.


  • Automate chart of account prediction: Docyt AI is trained in various industries, enabling automatic charts of accounts forecasting for effective financial decisions.

Embrace the AP Revolution

This feature is available on Docyt’s Advanced Plan. If you’d like to learn more about how Docyt AI can help you save time and scale faster, reach out to us.

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