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What’s new in 2022: Simplify vendor tracking with the Docyt Business Network

Understanding where money is going and how to keep costs down can make or break any company. The Docyt Business Network helps you simplify, streamline, and track your business vendor network, so you can see the big picture. Quickly locate invoices, pay vendors, and generate end-of-year 1099 reports without ever leaving Docyt. Want to know more? Let’s dive in!  

Quick Updates

  • Easily invite your vendors to join the Docyt Business Network
  • Vendors benefit too! They can track money owed and paid, and gain exposure by being part of the global Docyt business network.

Less time on the back end. More time for your business.

Benefits: Tired of hunting down your business vendors’ information? Say no more. You can quickly invite your business vendors into Docyt, import their information from QuickBooks, or locate them in Docyt’s ever-expanding global vendor network. 


  • Go to Vendor Module > Click “Add Vendor”
  • Search from the Docyt Business Network, Import from QuickBooks, or create your local vendor profile

Docyt Business Network makes vendor payments effortless

Benefits: The Docyt Business Network makes paying vendors a snap. Simply invite your business vendors to join, and they can add their ACH information to receive quick and secure payments. Additionally, W9 information can be easily added for seamless end-of-year 1099 reporting.


  • Go to the vendor module > locate your business vendor of choice
  • Click the “…” in the same row as your vendor
  • In the drop down, select “invite” 
  • Your business vendor will receive an email to join Docyt and create their profile
  • If your business vendor has already joined the Docyt Business Network, or you have a duplicate vendor, you will see a “merge vendor” option to merge your duplicated vendor with the vendor in the Docyt Business Network

End-of-Year 1099 reports have never been so simple


Go ahead and take that vacation in January! Select which W9 vendors you want Docyt to track. When you’re ready to send out your 1099s, simply export your list and you’re ready to file!


  • Go to Vendor module > select your vendor of choice
  • Select “track for 1099 report” 
  • Click 1099 reports in left navigation. Select year > select export in upper right.

Keep an eye out for next week’s update, where we will highlight the “My Practice” feature. 

Kind regards,

The Docyt Team

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Sheila Kilbride - Docyt Director of Marketing

Sheila Kilbride

Director of Marketing

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