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Simplify business management with Docyt’s real-time financial reporting features

Seeing the big picture makes business management easier. Docyt’s real-time reporting capabilities empower you and your GMs to make fast, better informed decisions, so you can manage your business better. Clearly see your revenue and expenses across all entities with up-to-date P&L reports. Drill down into sub-department costs. Control spending with accurate vendor reports.

Increase profit margins with complete departmental visibility

Benefits: Quickly identify where you’re seeing true profit with Docyt’s owner’s operating report. Get complete transparency into departmental profits, and empower GMs with visibility into their departments’ expenditures and performance.


  • Business Reports > Advanced Reports > Owner’s Operating Statement

Cut costs across entities

Benefits:  Easily see how much you’re spending on specific vendors across all entities with real-time vendor reporting. This feature enables you to see where your money’s going, and how you can efficiently trim costs. 


  • Global Header > Data Export > Complete Vendor Report

The only multi-entity report you’ll ever need

Benefits: See your business in real-time with Docyt’s multi-entity reporting feature. Compare your business performance across all entities in real-time. Quickly decide where to cut costs, and where to expand. The power is finally in your hands!


  • Global Header > Multi-Entity Reporting

Keep an eye out for our next update, where we will discuss “Accounting Automation.” 

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Sheila Kilbride - Docyt Director of Marketing

Sheila Kilbride

Director of Marketing

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