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May Releases: Enhancements for message box and export reports, and multi-document uploads for Docyt mobile app made easy!

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What’s new in Docyt: May 2023

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1. Never Miss a Failed Invoice Upload Again

We are delighted to introduce a highly requested feature that will make your invoicing process even smoother. You will receive email notifications whenever an invoice you uploaded fails to make it to Accounts Payable. With this feature, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that any failed invoice uploads won’t go unnoticed. Whether it’s due to an “Unsupported file format” or any other reason, you will receive prompt updates.

2. Enhancements to Your Docyt Message Box

Get ready to enjoy a seamless communication experience with the new updates in your message box. Now, you can see up to 5 unread messages at once in your message box. In case you have more than 5 unread messages, simply click the ‘View All Messages’ button to access the complete conversation history. Stay on top of your messages with our unread message indicator – the chat message icon will display the exact number of unread messages. With just one click, you can now ‘mark all as read,’ clearing your message box and keeping your communication organized.

3. Enhanced Customization for Exported Reports

Get ready for a seamless export experience that caters specifically to your needs.

Now, when exporting reports, you have greater control over the data you export. Our latest enhancement allows you to choose which columns are included in your exported data. Customize your reports to showcase the data that matters most to you and your business. When you choose to export to Excel, only the data displayed in the table will be exported.

4. Multiple Document Uploads Made Easy with Docyt mobile app

Let us introduce our latest enhancement to our mobile Docyt app. Now, you can effortlessly upload multiple receipts and documents directly from your camera roll, making your document management process faster and more convenient than ever before. With our latest update, you have the power to select multiple images from your camera roll with just a few taps – simply choose all the files you want to upload in one go.

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