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What’s new in 2022: Manage all of your clients in one place with Docyt’s Practice Management

Moving between screens is so 2021. With Docyt’s “My Practice” and “Client Central” features, you can handle all of your client account needs in one place! On one screen you can assign tasks and see the big picture. This simplifies account management and makes you more efficient. Ready to go? Let’s get you set up!

Featured Benefits:

  • My Practice flags client accounts needing attention
  • Easily assign clients to specific account managers on your team
  • The My Practice view allows you to be proactive, not reactive

Your entire practice at a glance

Benefits: Docyt’s My Practice feature allows you a bird’s eye view of your practice on one screen. Easily see how your practice is performing, which accounts need attention, which team members are assigned to specific accounts, and more. Learn where you’re excelling, and what changes you can make to improve overall practice performance.


  • Select “My Practice” in the global header

Bookkeeping, simplified

Benefits: Yes, Docyt simplifies your bookkeeping. And now you can shout it from the rooftops! Client central allows you to collaborate with your team in one place. Add client notes, track reconciled months, block client accounts that need attention, and keep track of tasks and timelines. 


  • Select “Client Central” in the global header

Client central is all about collaboration

Benefits: Let’s face it. Waiting for answers from a busy client slows you down. With client central, your clients are pulled into the process as collaborators. You can easily flag invoices, receipts, and transactions for their review. Ask for bank statements via document requests. Message clients with a click – no more email chains. Client Central makes it easier for you and your clients to collaborate, so work happens faster.


  • Select “Client Central” in the global header

Keep an eye out for next week’s update, where we will discuss “Real-Time Reporting.” 

Kind regards,

The Docyt Team

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Sheila Kilbride - Docyt Director of Marketing

Sheila Kilbride

Director of Marketing

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