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How to Protect Your Blank Check Stock Paper and Prevent Fraud

Picture this… You’re the owner of a successful deli that’s been in business for over 15 years. Every day you wake up, put on your apron, and get to work. You arrive early in the morning before dusk to make sure the kitchen is cleaned and prepped. Then you fill the registers with cash, check inventory, and place orders for produce, meat, and bread. There’s only one problem. You realize you don’t have enough tomatoes and lettuce to make it through the day. Even more concerning, lunchtime is in two hours. The vendor said he’s on his way, but here’s the thing. He only accepts physical checks. You quickly realize you used the last one to pay rent.

What do you do?

Although businesses use various bill payment methods, some vendors only accept checks. If you don’t have enough on hand to pay bills at a moment’s notice, your business won’t be able to restock inventory or pay for any other last minute expenses. Switching to a self-print check system can help your business avoid this situation.

The Risks of Paper Checks

Paper checks aren’t just difficult to keep on hand, they can also be risky. A person can steal your checkbook and write checks illegitimately. Before you know it, there could be hundreds if not thousands of dollars missing from your bank accounts. Getting the money back can be challenging, if not impossible.

In addition to theft, running out of checks is also a concern. If you write checks on a regular basis, you might not be aware that you’ve even run out. First you have to call the bank. Then you have to wait days or weeks for checks to arrive. This can hurt your business if you rely on vendors that only accept checks.

Obtaining the right signatures is also a problem with conventional checks. Most companies only allow owners, treasurers, secretaries, or accountants to sign and issue checks. If the signatory is not present, checks can’t be signed, bills can’t be paid, and the business can’t function. Docyt helps business owners solve these problems by using its self print check solution.

Self Print Check Solutions

Docyt’s self-print checks can help your business operate more efficiently by streamlining your business’ bill payment process. Instead of wasting time calling the bank for replacement checks or tracking down the company’s signatory – Docyt simplifies the check writing process.

Docyt gives you the ability to print checks on plain paper sheets, meaning you never have to worry about running out. When setting up Docyt, you choose who has what role in the bill payment process and who has the permission to authorize and print a check. Additionally, when Docyt prints your checks, it generates a digital signature. No more worrying about check fraud or illegitimate payments.

Use Docyt to print secure checks on the spot for important vendors. Read more about Docyt bill pay here.

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