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February 2024 Product Updates

Compare Multiple Businesses with the Real-Time Portfolio Dashboard

Now, there’s a quick way to see how all of your businesses perform (aside from pulling reports) on an easy-to-use dashboard. Users can compare multiple businesses by selecting the ‘Portfolio’ tab, then ‘KPI Dashboard.’ Toggle between time periods to run comparisons and easily share these dashboards with critical stakeholders.

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Save Time with Bulk Payments

Cocyt users can now make bulk payments instead of sifting through invoices individually. Simply filter the invoices that are “Ready to Pay” and process the payment. Quickly process all unpaid invoices in your queue faster than before.

Bulk Payments

Increase Efficiency with Approver & Payer Roles

Authorized signatories no longer have to choose between an approver and payer role within Docyt. This removes the bottleneck of waiting for another user to approve or pay an invoice, saving time and increasing efficiency in your process. 

Approver And Payer Roles

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