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Docyt’s Real-Time Financial Insights Dashboard: Get a Snapshot of Your Business Performance


July 2023 marks a special milestone for Docyt as we proudly unveil our much-anticipated Real-Time Financial Insights Dashboard

Now, our customers can make smarter and faster data-driven decisions by leveraging this powerful dashboard that gives them access to live, accurate KPIs and financial metrics to help them understand business performance and accelerate growth. 

Carefully designed with our customers in mind, this powerful feature empowers you with the tools to grasp your business’s financial performance to make smarter, faster decisions. Now, our customers can get a quick snapshot of their business’s financial performance anytime. The dashboard displays easy-to-understand visuals and charts reflecting real-time financial KPIs and metrics. 

Here are some of the exciting things our customers can do with this new feature.

1. Accelerate Decision-Making with Visual Clarity

We understand that time is of the essence when running a business. With our new dashboard, our customers can access the critical metrics that matter most to their business – all in one place. Say goodbye to information overload or having to sort through multiple reports and make sense of the data to understand the bigger picture. Our customers don’t have to get lost in the details. Instead, they can refer to their dashboard with easy-to-understand visuals of their unique key performance indicators (KPIs) tailored to their specific industry.

2. Customize Dashboards for Enhanced Transparency

Transparency is the key to building a successful business. Now our customers have the power to create multiple custom dashboard views and share them with different stakeholders across the business. Whether it’s a matter of creating a “Manager View” excluding certain metrics or a comprehensive overview of your team, our customers have full control over what KPIs and metrics they want to share that matter to their stakeholders.

3. Stay Ahead with On-Demand Access to Live KPIs & Metrics

Our dashboard is fueled by real-time accounting through Docyt’s AI, ensuring that our customers have the latest and most accurate data and insights at their fingertips. Our customers can confidently make critical decisions on the fly, armed with accurate and up-to-date information.

4. Get Access to Industry-Specific KPIs for Targeted Analysis and Understanding

Measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) is critical for business success. That’s why Docyt has carefully designed the dashboard to provide relevant industry-specific KPIs so their customers can remain competitive in their specific industry. Docyt’s dashboard offers KPIs for retail, hospitality, the food industry, and more! For example, hospitality customers will see KPIs for Cost Per Occupied Room, RevPar, ADR Occupancy Percentageand many more! We’ve got our customers covered with the top metrics that matter most in their respective industries. 

5. Easily Drill Down into the Details To Understand a Particular Metric and Take Quick Action

The dashboard allows our customers to drill down into the details in a matter of clicks so they can easily understand a particular metric. Whether it’s looking into gaps or anomalies, the ability to drill down quickly enables our customers to quickly understand the data in question and take corrective action for their business.

Docyt’s Real-Time Financial Insights Dashboard transforms how business owners operate and make business decisions. Now, with on-demand access to real-time KPIs and other financial metrics all in a single view, business owners save lots of valuable time trying to piece together data and insights to understand how their business is performing at any moment. This dashboard gives them better control over their business by seeing the big picture, one can understand how to navigate their business in the right direction. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your business to new heights with Docyt’s Real-Time Financial Insights Dashboard.

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