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Docyt and x·quic Partner to Deliver Bundled Financial Services Solution for Hotel Owners and Franchisees

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Santa Clara, CA – April 30, 2024 Docyt, the frontrunner in AI-driven accounting automation technology, is partnering with x·quic™ on a bundled services offering that empowers hotel owners and franchisees to seamlessly integrate Docyt’s real-time bookkeeping capabilities with x·quic OTA Savings. The combined solution uses AI-driven workflows to streamline financial management and maximize hotel profitability, from single locations to expansive franchise operations.

“It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to be able to reconcile. Everything from contracts to reports, systems, databases, and more, all comes from different sources that may not be compatible and this can create a huge headache,” said Nimesh Shah, CEO of x·quic. “The importance of being able to audit data and provide clear insights cannot be understated. Through this partnership, we help ensure that hotel owners can cut through all the noise of disorganized data.”

OTA Savings by x·quic saves hotels time and money by identifying and claiming unredeemed virtual cards with active funds as well as OTA commission overbilling. Its advanced, AI-powered technology reconciles OTA reservations to the penny, ensuring hotels only pay commissions based on the exact room revenue they collected.

Together, Docyt AI and OTA Savings by x·quic help hoteliers easily shift data management to AI, digitizing and automating the financial workflow, and enabling real-time financial reporting.

“Docyt and x·quic share a common mission to harness the power of AI to transform bookkeeping processes in the hospitality industry,” said Sid Saxena, Docyt’s co-founder and CEO. “Our partnership delivers an integrated solution that helps hotel management save time and money in reconciling OTA and bookkeeping services, enabling them to run their businesses with greater efficiency and profitably than ever before.”

Existing x·quic customers are encouraged to schedule a free consultation to learn more about Docyt AI and take advantage of promotional pricing. Additionally, OTA Savings by x·quic™ is offering Docyt customers a complimentary OTA Audit. Order your OTA Savings Audit at

Visit to learn more about the company’s AI-driven accounting automation platform, and follow Docyt on LinkedIn to stay up to date on the company’s latest news.

About Docyt

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Docyt is shaping financial management for SMBs, hotels, franchises and accounting firms through accounting intelligence that automates and streamlines bookkeeping and financial workflows. The company’s Docyt AI platform gives organizations a real-time view of the financial health of their business, saving them time and boosting profitability. Docyt is venture-funded and based in Santa Clara, California. For more information, visit

About OTA Savings by x·quic

97.2% of hotels overpay OTA commissions or leave unused funds on virtual cards. OTA Savings by x·quic helps ensure that hotels don’t leave virtual card funds unclaimed and only pay commissions based on exact room revenue. Through their proprietary AI technology with advanced reconciliation capabilities, OTA Savings by x·quic provides an industry-leading service that helps hotels save both time and money. For more information, visit 

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