Complete Accounting Automation For The UPS Store®

Docyt is an accounting automation software company specializing in bookkeeping for retail businesses. As of June, 286 UPS stores are using Docyt. Join them!

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Dan Sisson, The UPS Store Washington

Dan Sisson
Store 4105

Ajay Sidhu
Store 3940, 4516

Kamal Singh
Store 4153

Alex Barthe, The UPS Store

Alex Barthe
Store 2135, 6296, 6577

Rishi Pathak

Rishi Pathak
Store 1244, 2326, 1323, 1130, 1687, 4811, 4305

Docyt is a vendor partner of TUPSSO.


If you have a bookkeeper, you can buy software only. Or we can connect you to a professional in our network who specializes in The UPS Store® bookkeeping.

Catch-up Bookkeeping

Just $150/month for every month that needs catch-up bookkeeping.


The UPS Store® Bookkeeping

Pre-paid annual or monthly subscription gives you access to a full suite of bookkeeping features and automation. Use Docyt’s machine learning to automate categorization and reconciliation of your transactions and receipts, capture revenue data and house account invoices, as well as pay bills, handle expenses, and scan receipts. Whether you are on JavaPOS or mPOS, Docyt can automate your bookkeeping.