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Bhupen Amin

COO, Lotus Hotels Inc.

“Managing accounts-payable & bookkeeping for several properties is expensive and time-consuming. From the outset, Docyt’s service has been easy to use and affordable. My bills get paid on time, there’s no need for manual data entry, and I receive accurate, professional P&Ls each month.

Docyt has eased many of our accounting burdens and opened up the time to focus on what really matters.”

Satish Patel

President, BMS Hotels

“As a multi-business owner, I’m always worried about the accuracy of my books. But Docyt has ended my bookkeeping nightmares and made back office management such a breeze! Their unique app automatically manages QuickBooks for all my hotels. I can painlessly pay bills and access all business documents on my phone. And the customer support is terrific!

I suddenly have so much time available to focus on growing my business and relax with family & friends.”

Gary Nicolassi

Owner, CVN Vista Accounting

“Docyt is a truly elegant mobile solution for managing your business on the go. I use it every day to efficiently manage all my clients’ accounting & bookkeeping in one place. I can stay closely connected to and provide every client with a highly personalized service. My clients love that they can control all bill payments, view financial reports, access business documents and communicate with me using a single iPhone app from Docyt!”

Nisha Patel

Owner, Chateau Senior Living

“I can finally share sensitive information like passwords, invoices, even P&Ls, and balance sheets safely and securely. It’s so easy for all us partners to stay in sync now! I, especially, love the in-built chat for any business communication.

Even my accountant uses it to share and discuss P&Ls, balance sheets, and tax-related issues quickly.”

Chandrakant ‘CK’ Shah

CEO, Shah Enterprises

“I find paying my hotel invoices with Docyt check very quick and easy. Everything is on my phone and there’s no need to be surrounded by paper bills, manual checks or passwords anymore. If there are any issues, their excellent customer support is always available and ready to help.

I like it so much that I’ve recommended Docyt to every business owner I know.”

Kunal Patel

Owner, Ramada Limited

“Before Docyt, I was doing my own bookkeeping. With the help of their exceptional customer service, I on-boarded all my properties in minutes. Now, my bookkeeping is effortless. I rest assured knowing my businesses are always compliant and ready for audits.

Docyt is the modern accounting solution the hotel industry has been waiting for…”